If you’ve got a Medicine interview coming up at Liverpool University, use this guide to make sure you’re prepared and know the common interview questions you could be asked.

Liverpool University Medical Interviews

Interviews for 2024 entry Medicine at Liverpool University are predicted to take place from January to March 2024.

They’re expected to hold face-to-face, MMI-style interviews for home students, and online interviews for some international applicants. At Liverpool’s discretion, some international students may be asked to attend a face-to-face interview on campus.

All applicants are assessed based on their academic record (either predicted or achieved grades). Applicants must meet the following entry requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 GCSEs at a Grade 6/B or higher (inclusive of English Language, Maths and Science) and a minimum total of 9 GCSEs.
  • A-Level requirements are AAA (including Chemistry and/or Biology, Physics, Maths). An alternative of A*AB is also accepted, with the A*A needed in Chemistry and/or Biology, Physics or Maths.
  • All candidates must have sat the UCAT by 15 October 2023. There is currently no cut-off score for the UCAT and the threshold is subject to change depending on the competition of the cohort each year.
  • Applicants are then ranked based on their admissions test results.

Liverpool receives around 3500 applicants annually for the 332 medicine places they offer.


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How Is Liverpool Interviewing For 2024 Entry Medicine?

Liverpool is likely to hold all interviews for home students (and partially for international students) in-person.

The exact number of MMI stations has not been released. However, it is likely to be 4 stations consisting of two questions from two different interviewers, with each station lasting around 7-8 minutes.

Candidates will be marked out of a total score and ranked, with the top-scoring candidates receiving an offer.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Liverpool University

These are common themes you can expect Liverpool medical interviews to cover:

Example interview questions could include:

  • Describe a time where you worked well in a team.
  • What are your views on the current public health issues that the NHS is facing?
  • What interests you about the Medical School at Liverpool?
  • A patient is prescribed 75mg of Clopidogrel in the form of a tablet. Each tablet is 15mg. How many tablets would you need to give?
  • Give an example of a time where you showed empathy in a difficult situation.

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Tips For Answering Liverpool Interview Questions

  • Liverpool tends to focus questions on work experience and reflection of what candidates viewed in different healthcare settings. Interviewers also like to see how candidates demonstrated certain skills they acquired from work experience in their day-to-day life.
  • Remember to read up on current medical affairs and NHS hot topics, and how they are being tackled in not only healthcare settings, but also in the research field.
  • Be yourself! Interviewers look beyond academic ability and want to hear honest, genuine responses about your passion for wanting to study Medicine and the experiences that have led you here.
  • If one MMI station hasn’t gone as well as you would have liked, don’t panic. Just move on and focus on the next station, because they will be marked individually.

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