Leicester - Med School Interview Tips

In a Leicester medicine interview, they use an 8-station multiple mini interview (MMI) circuit designed to tests a large variety of skills. Preparation is really important to ensure success, so here a few tips to help you feel more confident before your Leicester MMI!

Preparing for your Leicester medicine interview:

1. Understand what makes a good patient consultation

Leicester interviews focus a lot on communication skills, particularly when applied to a patient scenario. Understanding what makes a good and bad consultation will help you to succeed in these stations! You may be asked to talk to a simulated patient about a problem they are having, or you may be asked to analyse a video.

You do not need to be able to talk to a patient perfectly as a doctor would, but it’s good to remember some key things, such as asking open questions and demonstrating good body language.

2. Practise talking through your personal statement

It is not uncommon to find a station that will require a more in-depth discussion of your personal statement.

This may include asking you what you got out of your work experience, or how your experiences have improved a certain skill, such as leadership or teamwork. It can be helpful to practice these questions beforehand, as this will make you feel more confident in the interview itself!

In terms of structuring your response, many people find it useful to use the STARR structure:

  • S = situation – briefly describe what the situation was
  • T = task – describe what you wanted to achieve from the task
  • A = action – describe what actions you took to go about completing your task
  • R = result – describe the outcome of the situation, did you succeed?
  • R = reflect – reflect on the experience, describing how it made you feel and if you would approach it differently in the future

It is important that this structure should be used as a prompt and sticking to it too rigidly may make you seem over-rehearsed. The reflection part is particularly important, as showing insight into your experiences and how they have shaped you are a person will really impress your interviewer!

3. Keep up to date on medical news and ethical scenarios

In order to show your motivation to study medicine, keeping up to date with medical news is important. Reading the health section of newspapers or online news sources is a great way to ensure you have a basic understanding of any important issues.

You should also try to develop your own opinion on these hot topics and learn to apply ethical principles to any controversial issues.

4. Practice your calculation skills

Another common station at Leicester involves numeracy and calculations. The maths will not be too complex, but rather they will test your ability to perform calculations quickly and in a logical manner.

For example, drug calculations may require you to put numbers into the formula for concentration, dose and volume.

Making sure you go through the steps logically and remembering to use the correct units is sometimes tough under pressure, so preparing beforehand can make you less nervous during the station.

Finally, good luck!

Words: Gemma White

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