Leeds - Med School Interview Tips

The format of the Leeds medicine interview is a Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) in their admission process. I got an offer after my interview so here are my 3 top tips for being successful at your interview at Leeds.

Preparing for your Leeds medicine interview:

1. Read about what each station involves

The MMI at Leeds consists of 8 stations which last 6 minutes, with a one minute break in between each station. Leeds assess candidates on the following:

  • Ethical reasoning
  • Self-evaluation
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving

So when practising, make sure you focus on these areas.

2. Prepare yourself for the BMAT station

There is one station in the MMI which specifically tests you on your BMAT essay.

This will be a discussion around the topic – so make sure you read up on it beforehand. When practising with family and friends you could suggest they ask you questions about it.

Familiarise yourself with your essay beforehand and make sure you are able to justify any points you made, as well as why you chose the essay itself.

3. Forget about each station and move on

One of the worst things you can do is dwell upon a station after it has ended as this could affect your performance in the next station.

I remember when I did my interview that I tried to forget about each station once it ended as I couldn’t change what had happened. It’s hard but make your next station your main priority.

If you feel like your interview went terribly, don’t worry – it’s normal to feel like that. In fact, I’ve not met anyone yet who has come out of an interview completely happy with their performance – just make sure you stay calm and try your best.

So, that’s my top three tips for a successful Leeds interview. Best of luck!

Words: Alisha Imran

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