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Your BMAT scores are really important, as it determines whether you’ll get an invitation to interview for a place at medical school. So, how is the BMAT scored – and what is a good score? We explain everything in this guide to BMAT scores.

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How is BMAT scored?

The BMAT is scored on a scale of 1.0 to 9.0, with 9.0 being the highest. It’s not a pass or fail test.

This video explains how the BMAT is scored.


In Section 1 and Section 2, each question is worth one mark. Your total marks are then placed on the scale to give you a score between 1.0 and 9.0.

In Section 3, you’ll get a numerical score for the content of your essay – but you’ll also get an alphabetical score for your use of written English that is either an A, C, or E.

The essay is marked by two examiners, so you get two scores that are then averaged to give your final score.

So, for instance, if one examiner gave you 2A and another marked your essay 3C, your average score would be 2.5B. If there is a significant discrepancy, your essay will be sent for remarking by a third examiner.

How are marks awarded in Section 3?

Marks for Section 3 are different, because it’s the essay question. Here’s how the marks are awarded for the essay content:

  • Score 1: the essay has some bearing on the question but does not address it fully
  • Score 2: addresses most of the question, but has significant elements of confusion
  • Score 3: reasonably well-argued, may have weakness in the argument
  • Score 4: good answer with few weaknesses, all aspects of the question are addressed
  • Score 5: excellent answer with no significant weaknesses

For the use of written English, the marks are awarded like this:

  • Band A: Good use of English – clear, fluent, good use of grammar and vocabulary
  • Band C: Reasonably clear use of English – reasonably fluent, some errors
  • Band E: Rather weak use of English – not easy to follow, faulty grammar
  • Section 3: Quality of Content (scored from 1 to 5)

What is a good BMAT score?

A good BMAT score is usually 6.0 and above – with 7.0 and above being exceptionally rare.

What is an average BMAT score?

The average student can expect to get a BMAT score of around 5.0.

“The BMAT score scale has been designed so that typical applicants to the most highly selective undergraduate university courses (who are by definition academically very able) will score in the region of 5.0,” explains the Admissions Testing Service. “The best applicants will score more highly, but 6.0 represents a comparatively high score and only a few very exceptional applicants will achieve BMAT scores higher than 7.0.”

2019 BMAT results

Last year’s BMAT results showed that roughly 10% of students scored 6.0 or higher in Section 1, and about 15% got the same in Section 2. Under 20% scored 4 or above for the quality of their content in Section 3, with 80% getting top marks for their use of English.

You can read about this in more detail in our 2019 BMAT scores blog.

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How are BMAT scores used?

Generally speaking, your BMAT scores will be used in conjunction with your GCSE scores and UCAS points to decide if you’ll be invited to an interview. 

Some universities place more emphasis on your BMAT score than others – but not all universities officially announce how they use the exam, so it’s essential you maximise your score in all sections!

The intricacies of how your BMAT score is used by each institution will vary – and it can even be different within a university (for example, different admissions tutors in Oxford or Cambridge).

We go into more detail on how BMAT universities use your score on our guide.

When will I get my BMAT results?

You’ll get your BMAT results at 9am on November 27. 

Make sure you keep hold of your Confidential Results Information Sheet that you’ll get given when you sit the exam – this has your login for the BMAT Metritests system, which you’ll need to log in to in order to see your results.

How can I get a better BMAT score?

The best way to improve your score is with thorough BMAT preparation. This could be using a tool like our BMAT Question Bank to practice exam questions, or by getting organised with your revision. 

If you prefer to study in a more structured, supportive way, then you may want to do our BMAT Course that is delivered by webinar. If you prefer to follow an online course but work at your own speed, our Online BMAT Course is another great tool.

And don’t forget to check our BMAT Guide and look at our blogs for the most up-to-date advice on how to ace your exam and boost your scores.

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