A number of universities expect you to sit the BMAT, instead of the UCAT, when you apply to study Medicine. Find out which ones, and how they’ll use your score.

How Do Universities Use BMAT Scores?

Each BMAT uni will utilise your BMAT score differently.

Generally, the results are used alongside your GCSE grades and UCAS points to decide who proceeds to the interview stage. Some universities may place more emphasis on BMAT scores than others.

UK BMAT Universities

There are seven universities in the UK that use the BMAT exam as a standard entry requirement for UK-based applicants.

BMAT UniversitiesHow Do They Use BMAT Scores?Scores Needed
Brighton and Sussex Medical SchoolYour BMAT scores are graded (up to nine marks for Section 1 and 2 respectively, and up to 5 for each element of Section 3). You'll be ranked according to your total score out of 28 and the highest-ranked will be invited to interview.For 2021 entry home applicants who scored 17.8 and were invited to interview.
ImperialYour BMAT score is assessed alongside the content of your UCAS application. Cut-off scores are used, but they change each year. Imperial advises to use previous years' cut-off scores as a guide. For 2021 entry the cut-off BMAT score was 3.5 in Section 1 and Section 2, with the sum score in these two Sections being at least 10.9, and a minimum of 2.5C in Section 3.
Lancaster UniversityYour BMAT scores are combined for Section 1, 2 and 3 but the quality of English score isn't used. The top-ranking students will be invited to interview.The cut-off score for home students "is more likely to be in keeping with previous years (10.5 and above)”.
University College London (UCL)Your BMAT score will be used alongside the rest of your application and reviewed by a Tutor. There are no cut-off scores. They advise: "High scores in each section will strengthen an application. Candidates with scores that are below the average for their cohort are less likely to be successful."For 2021 entry, the average score for home students who were interviewed was 5.7, 5.8 and 3.4A.
University of CambridgeYour BMAT score will be used alongside the rest of your application and reviewed by a Tutor. There are no cut-off scores. Cambridge advises: "Students who achieve higher BMAT results are more likely to be invited to interview but there isn't a 'pass' mark for the BMAT.”Cambridge doesn't share data on previous BMAT scores.
University of LeedsStudents are ranked by achieved and predicted grades, and BMAT score. The top 1,000 are then invited to interview. If you're invited to interview, your Section 3 essay will form the basis of discussion for an MMI interview station.For 2022 entry there are no cut-off scores. A high BMAT score can compensate for a low academic score and vice-versa.
University of OxfordYour BMAT score and GCSE grades are important for shortlisting. A slightly weaker performance at GCSE may be compensated for by a very good BMAT score, and vice-versa.
For 2020 entry, BMAT scores were weighted so that Section 1 and 2 scores were worth 40% respectively, and Section 3 was worth 20%. Double weight was given to the quality of content in the Section 3 grading.
For 2022 entry, Oxford says: "We would suggest that the typical average applicant should be working towards a 6 (a 7 is still fairly rare) in sections 1 or 2; do note that sections 1 and 2 receive greater weighting (40% each) than section 3 (20%)."
For 2020 entry the mean BMAT score (after grading) was 55.9%, which rose to 68% for those shortlisted and 68.9% for applicants receiving offers.

The BMAT is also required by University of Manchester and Keele University for international students in some cases. As always, make sure you check each university’s admissions policy and entry requirements for more detail.


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International BMAT Universities

A number of international universities list BMAT as an admissions requirement for international students.

In Europe, the BMAT unis include:

  • Universidad de Navarra
  • CEU Cardenal Herrera University
  • University of Pécs
  • University of Rijeka
  • University of Zagreb
  • Medical University of Gdańsk
  • Medical University of Warsaw
  • Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
  • University of Tartu

Get the full list on the BMAT website.

Where Should I Apply?

You won’t get your BMAT score before you apply to Medical School, which means you can’t strategically apply with your score like you can with your UCAT score.

However, before the UCAS deadline, you should have completed some BMAT mocks and have a good sense of how your score is likely to compare to other test-takers – and whether you’re on track for a high score or not.

If you’re likely to get a high BMAT score, you may want to consider universities that will rank you by your score. Alternatively, if you think you’ll get an average or low score, you should look at the universities that don’t rank by score and place a greater emphasis on your academic grades instead.

We always advise that you don’t focus on BMAT universities alone, because there are just seven Medical Schools that require this and you don’t know what score you’ll get on the day. Make sure you’re also preparing for the UCAT, so you can broaden your chances of getting into Medical School.

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