Get A Better Score With Expert BMAT Tutoring From Our Doctor-Led Team

We’re specialist BMAT Tutors. Our BMAT Tutoring has helped students around the world to achieve their best possible BMAT score. Are you ready to unlock a better BMAT score with our trusted teaching?

Doctor-Led BMAT Strategy

Our BMAT Tutoring approach has been carefully designed by Doctors and test prep experts.

Fused With Oxbridge Science

We've worked with Oxbridge Scientists to ensure our Science strategies boost scores.

Tailored for BMAT Unis

BMAT is used by top unis like Oxbridge, UCL & Imperial. Our tutors stand out so you can too.

Tutoring Rated 4.9/5

Post-session feedback from our last 500 sessions shows we got an overall score of 4.9/5 from tutees.

40,000 Students Taught

Our record speaks for itself. Thousands have chosen our specialist Medicine prep.

Royal Society of Medicine

We're the only BMAT Tutors that are officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine.

Group 7

“I found my tutoring session to be of the highest calibre, and a very efficient use of my time, as we were able to tailor the session to my specific needs."


Recent Tutee

Group 7

Rated 4.9 Out Of 5 In Our Last 500 Sessions

Here are the ratings from our last 500+ tutoring sessions (as of February 2021). Sessions scored 4.9 out of 5 overall. (All ratings scored out of 5).

Tutoring AspectScore /5
Overall Rating4.86
Personal Interaction4.83
Subject Knowledge4.84
Group 7

“Going through the physics content helped to identify which topics needed more work than others. The help with the essay was invaluable, with clear structure and timings.”

Recent Tutee

Our Method: Better BMAT Scores In 3 Steps.

Our BMAT Tutors are trained in our 3-step strategy to improve performance.

Step 1: BMAT Mechanics

Get an ingrained understanding of the mechanics behind each of the 3 BMAT sections and how they work.

Step 2: BMAT Strategy

We'll put your learning to the test. Our BMAT Tutoring involves regular benchmarking exercises.

Phase 3: BMAT Performance

As your BMAT Tutoring progresses, strategies become second nature. Now you can beat the BMAT!

Group 7

"The first lessons tips boosted my score significantly."

Recent Tutee

Our Pedagogy - Created by Doctors, Science Grads and Academic Experts

Our BMAT Tutoring follows The Medic Portal’s trusted pedagogical approach. This consists of a blend of social constructivism, deliberate practice and cognitive load theory. We use Krathwohl’s six stages of learning to coach our tutees towards unconscious competence. In other words, developing instinctive habits for a better BMAT score.


Our BMAT Tutors Are Trained by Dr Christopher Nordstrom

Our tutor recruitment and training are led by Dr Christopher Nordstrom – a practising Doctor and a leading expert in Medical Entry test prep. Our tutors use teaching methods and tried-and-tested lesson plans developed over a number of years.


Role Models For Aspiring Medics

We want aspiring medics to look up to our tutors. As well as helping them strive towards a better BMAT score, they should provide inspiration to those they teach. That’s why to work for TMP, tutors need to be: engaging, enthusiastic, inspiring, relatable, motivating, adaptable, supportive, focused, and understanding.

Group 7

"It was amazing how knowledgeable and prepared my tutor was... Definitely, the best tutoring session I have ever had in any area."

Recent Tutee

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How Are Sessions Organised To Suit Me?

You can book from 1 to 25 hours of BMAT Tuition. After booking, a Tutoring Coordinator will be in touch. Sessions will be organised to suit you. If you book 15 or 25 hours, for example, these can be delivered in 2-hour increments. Our BMAT Tutoring sessions can be delivered online, anywhere in the world.

Free BMAT Tutoring Consultations

Thinking about BMAT Tutoring but want to talk to someone first? Not a problem. We’ve got a great team who will be happy to help. Drop us a line and we’ll be in touch to schedule a call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answered some frequently asked questions about our BMAT Tutoring and BMAT Tutors

Who are your BMAT Tutors?

Our BMAT Tutors are doctors and doctor-trained medical students.

How do you choose your BMAT Tutors?

Because we are so well known, we get lots of applicants. We only choose the best BMAT Tutors – and they must all complete a rigorous training process.

Can I get a discount on BMAT Tutoring?

Yes! You can unlock discounts when booking 5, 8, 15 or 25 hour blocks of BMAT Tuition.

How will my sessions get arranged?

After booking, you will be sent a short form. Once this is submitted, you’ll be contacted by our Tutoring Coordinator to finalise your sessions at a time to suit you.

Can my sessions be done at any time?

Of course. We will do our best to work with your BMAT Tutor to find session times that suit you.

Can I use my hours across multiple sessions?

You can. We suggest blocks of at least 2 hours with your BMAT Tutor. If you book quite a few hours, these can be delivered over a number of sessions.

Do I get to pick my BMAT Tutor?

Our dedicated tutoring coordinator will match you to the best BMAT Tutor for you. If you’ve already had sessions and want to keep the same BMAT Tutor, that’s no problem at all.

How many hours of BMAT Tutoring do I need?

It depends on what you’re looking to achieve. Many candidates need more than 25 hours to prepare for the exam thoroughly. To work on a small, specific problem, fewer hours can work well. However, we recommend a minimum of 2 hours per session with your BMAT Tutor.

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