Newcastle - Med School Interview Tips

If you have successfully got a Newcastle medicine interview, then you will be doing a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). I had an interview at Newcastle and was successful in receiving an offer there, so, here are my 5 tips for doing well at your  MMI…

Preparing for your Newcastle medicine interview:

1. Know what your interview involves

Newcastle want you to demonstrate various attributes and find out certain things about you:

  • Integrity (honesty and probity)
  • Communication
  • Empathy and self-awareness
  • Motivation and commitment to be a doctor
  • Compatibility with the MBBS programme
  • Teamwork (including leadership)
  • Personal organisation
  • Persistence and resilience 

Make sure before your interview you go through these and think how you would approach questions relating to them.

2. Stay calm and focused

Each station at Newcastle is 7 minutes long and there are 7 stations with a break in between each one. This means in total your interview is just under an hour. This is quite a long length of time to stay focused for so ensure you practise talking for extended lengths of time.

Also, use the breaks in between each station, to refresh your mind and focus on the next station. The interviewers know that you will be feeling very nervous, I know I certainly was, but the more relaxed you are, the better the interview will go as you are likely to be yourself more.

One of the best things about an MMI at Newcastle is that the first station involves a 2-minute ice breaker. Use this to try and relax and get comfortable talking to your interviewer, before your proper interviews start.

3. You will have role play stations

As part of your MMI at Newcastle you will have to do a role-play scenario. This can seem very daunting but try not to worry about it! I would advise practising role-play scenarios before your interview with a friend/teacher, just so you feel comfortable when it comes to your interview.

But remember you are not being judged on your acting skills, the interviewers are looking at how you communicate and use your empathy skills.

4. Know that interviewers don’t have access to your personal statement

Your interviewers will not have seen or ask you directly about your personal statement so be aware of this. However, it’s a good idea to look back over what you wrote as this can be a useful starting point for your answers at interviews.

5. Be ready and well prepared

You will be expected to dress smartly and appropriately for your interview at Newcastle so ensure you do this! Make sure you have properly read all information from the university, so you bring with you everything that is required on the day. I also would strongly recommend bringing a bottle of water with you as the MMI circuit at Newcastle is quite long and you will be talking a lot.

Newcastle run multiple MMI circuits at the same time, so there will be a lot of people arriving for their interview at the same time as you. I would advise arriving with plenty of time to find where you have to go and check in, so you stay as relaxed as possible.

Words: Rachael Foulsham


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