If you’re preparing for a Newcastle University Medicine interview, check out this guide to the common interview questions you can expect.

Newcastle University Medical Interviews

Medicine interviews for Newcastle University usually start in December and run until February. The dates for 2024 entry have not yet been finalised.

All applicants are initially shortlisted on the minimum academic requirements. No other factors such as the Personal Statement or references are considered at this stage.

Those who pass this initial academic screening are ranked based on their UCAT score alone. The highest-scoring students will receive an invitation to interview.

For 2023 entry into the A100 course, approximately 1100 interviews were held.

Newcastle usually sends interview invitations via an automated mail, requesting candidates to book an interview slot. It is therefore important to check your emails regularly.


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How Is Newcastle Interviewing For 2024 Entry Medicine?

Newcastle University uses the MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) format for its Medicine interviews. There are 7 MMI stations, with 7 minutes allotted to each station. One of these stations is usually a role play scenario.

In previous years, MMIs were adapted and held online. Instead of the 7 stations, there were 2 MMI stations, with each lasting 15 minutes. For 2024 entry, the interviews will be held face-to-face.

International applicants should also be prepared to attend an interview. This interview will be in a panel format, with two interviewers, usually conducted via Zoom.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Newcastle Medical School

At Newcastle, the following topics are usually covered in MMI interview questions:

Sample questions might include:

  • Have you had experience working with a diverse range of people? What did you learn from this?
  • Why have you applied to Newcastle? What specifically draws you towards our medical course?
  • Tell me about a time when you were working in a team and things didn’t go to plan.
  • Why do you think resilience is important for Doctors?
  • Tell me about an interesting medical issue that you read about recently.

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Tips For Answering Newcastle Interview Questions

Know what they are looking for

Newcastle wants to see you demonstrate various attributes (listed above) and find out certain things about you, such as your motivation to be a Doctor and your compatibility with the MBBS programme.

Make sure you go through these criteria before your interview and think how you would approach questions relating to them.

Stay calm and focused

Each MMI station is 7 minutes long, and there are 7 stations with a break between each one. This means that the interview is almost an hour in total, which is quite a long amount of time to stay focused for. So, make sure you practise for this.

Use the breaks between each station to refresh your mind and focus. The interviewers know that you will likely be feeling nervous, but the more relaxed you are, the better the interview will go.

One of the best things about an MMI at Newcastle is that the first station involves a 2-minute ice breaker. Use this to relax and get comfortable talking to your interviewer.

Prepare for role play stations

As part of your MMI at Newcastle, you will face a role play scenario. This can seem daunting, but try not to worry about it. Practise role play scenarios before your interview with someone like a friend or teacher, so that you feel comfortable when it comes to your interview.

Remember, you are not being judged on your acting skills. The interviewers are looking at how you communicate and use your empathy skills.

Know that interviewers don’t have access to your Personal Statement

Your interviewers will not ask you directly about your Personal Statement. However, it’s still a good idea to look back over what you wrote, as this can be a useful starting point for your answers.

Be ready and well prepared

You will be expected to dress smartly and appropriately for your interview at Newcastle. Make sure you have properly read all of the information from the university, to ensure you bring everything that is required on the day. It is also advisable to take water with you as the MMI circuit is quite long and you will be talking a lot.

Newcastle runs multiple MMIs at the same time. There will be many people arriving for their interview simultaneously. Arrive with plenty of time to find where you have to go and check in, so that you can stay as relaxed as possible.

See this guide, from a medical student who succeeded in the interview, for more tips on how to answer interview questions at Newcastle.

How Are Interviews At Newcastle Assessed?

Offers are based on performance at interview. All candidates will be ranked by their score. Personal Statements and references are reviewed at this point, but they are not given a formal score.

Newcastle does not make any decisions in terms of offers until all interviews have been completed. So, the earliest possible date for a decision will be February 2024.


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