If you’ve got a Medicine interview coming up at Norwich Medical School (UEA), this is your guide to the common interview questions that you could face.

Norwich (UEA) Medical Interviews

Medicine interviews for Norwich Medical School at University of East Anglia usually start in November and run through to February. These are the anticipated date ranges for 2024 entry too.

To shortlist candidates for interview, all applications are first checked to ensure that they meet the minimum academic requirements (e.g. 6 GCSEs at a minimum of Grade B or 6, including Mathematics, English Language, and one individual science or double sciences).

Everyone who passes this minimum requirement will be interviewed, unless there are too many applicants compared to the number of available interviews. In the case that there are too many applications, eligible candidates will be ranked based on their UCAT score, excluding the Situational Judgement score.

As the number of applications and the scores of applicants vary from year to year, there is no pre-determined minimum UCAT score that is required to obtain an interview.

Norwich Medical School begins to send interview invitations on a rolling basis from November onwards.


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How Is Norwich (UEA) Interviewing For 2024 Entry?

Norwich Medical School uses the MMI (Multiple Mini Interviews) format for its Medicine interviews. There are usually 6 to 7 MMI stations, with 5 minutes allotted to each station. Interviews will be held in-person for 2024 entry.

International students are encouraged to attend an interview in-person on campus.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Norwich (UEA)

At Norwich (UEA), the following topics are typically covered in medical interview questions:

Sample interview questions might include:

  • What have you done to show that you are suitable to be a Doctor in the future?
  • Are there any situations where lying can be justified in Medicine?
  • What are some important qualities needed in a good decision-maker? Why is decision-making important in Medicine?
  • Why do you want to become a Doctor?
  • Tell me about a time you demonstrated empathy.

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Tips For Answering Norwich (UEA) Interview Questions

Understand what they’re looking for

Norwich (UEA) uses MMI stations based on some common themes, as outlined above.

Be aware of these attributes that the interviewers are looking for. Before your interview, think of solid examples of things you have done that will demonstrate these attributes.

Pay attention to timings

In your Norwich medical interview, each station lasts 5 minutes, with 1.5 minutes of preparation time between each one.

5 minutes is a relatively short length of time. So, do plenty of practice questions and make sure you give short, concise responses. This will get you used to answering questions in a limited time frame.

Also, make use of the preparation time between stations. As soon as you finish a station, try to forget about it so that it doesn’t affect your performance at the next one. Use the 1.5 minutes to clear your mind and focus on the next station.

Know the course

Norwich (UEA) uses PBL as part of its teaching. Before your interview, make sure you know what this means. Your interviewers might want to hear what you know about the course and why you think it will suit you.

It’s also a good idea to research other information about the university, the city of Norwich and the surrounding area, where you will spend your time. Try to think of what appeals to you about UEA and why you chose to apply there, as this is where you could be spending the next five years.

Be prepared on the day

Norwich (UEA) asks you to dress smartly, as if it were a job interview. Make sure you dress appropriately so that you feel as comfortable as possible at the interview.

Also, check your email from UEA as there are various documents that you are expected to bring on the day. By getting these all together well in advance, you can avoid any extra stress on interview day!

Know what happens after your interview

Norwich (UEA) is quite unique in how your interview score is used. After interviews, they give out offers based 50% on your interview score and 50% on UCAT score.

So if your interview didn’t go entirely to plan, try not to panic, because your UCAT score may be enough to secure yourself an offer.

How Are Interviews At Norwich (UEA) Assessed?

Offer decisions are based on performance at interview alongside the UCAT score. The Personal Statement will not be considered.

UEA usually gives out offers until the end of March.


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