Norwich - Med School Interview Tips

A Norwich medicine interview use Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) in their admissions process. I got an offer from UEA after my interview so here are my top 5 tips for being successful…

Preparing for your Norwich medicine interview:

1. Know what it involves

UEA use MMI stations based on many different topics in their interview process. UEA look for candidates to be able to show the following at their interview:

  • An acceptable approach to decision making when given incomplete or conflicting information
  • The ability to learn and work effectively in partnership
  • A caring and supportive attitude
  • An empathetic and caring approach
  • Insight into Medicine as a career and personal suitability for the profession
  • Honesty, integrity, and personal effectiveness

Be aware of these attributes that UEA are looking for in your Norwich medicine interview, and before your interview try to think of examples of things you have done that could demonstrate these.

2. Be aware of timings

Your Norwich medicine interview will have an MMI circuit with 6 stations, each lasting 5 minutes and with 1.5 minutes of preparation time in between each one. 5 minutes is a relatively short length of time for a station, so practise have someone ask you questions and giving them short, concise responses. This will mean you are used to answering questions in a limited time frame.

Use the preparation time between stations! As soon as you leave a station, try and forget about it so it doesn’t affect your performance at the next one. Use the 1.5 minutes to focus on the next station and start thinking of what you might say.

3. Know the course

Unlike a lot of other medical schools, UEA use PBL as part of their teaching. Before your interview, make sure you know what this means and how UEA use PBL. Your interviewers will likely want to know what you know about the course and why you think this will suit you.

Also, research other information about the university, the city of Norwich and the surrounding area where you will spend your time. Try to think about what appeals to you about UEA and why you’ve chosen it, as this is where you’ll be spending the next five years!

4. Be prepared on the day

UEA ask you to dress smartly, as if you were going to a job interview. Make sure you dress appropriately so you then feel as comfortable as possible at the interview. Also, check your email from UEA as there are various documents they ask you to bring on the day. I would recommend getting these all together well in advance to avoid any extra stress on interview day!

5. Know what happens after your Norwich medicine interview

UEA are quite unique in how they use your interview scores. After interviews, they give out offers based 50% on your interview score and 50% on your UCAT score. So, if your interview didn’t go quite to plan, try not to panic as your UCAT score may well be enough to secure yourself an offer.

Words: Rachael Foulsham


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