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The Nottingham medicine interview is an MMI circuit which has a total of 8 stations, two of which involve role play. The interview is not science-based, but rather designed for you to show how your personal skills and attributes would help you successfully practise medicine as a scientist and a scholar, as a practitioner, and as a professional.

Preparing for your Nottingham medicine interview:

1. Preparation is key

The Nottingham medicine interview is your chance to shine, and it’s so much easier to do this if you’re well prepared and know what to expect! Nottingham’s MMI will cover the following:

  • Qualities of a good doctor
  • Communication and listening
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for the contribution of other allied healthcare professionals

It’s key for you to understand the above points and to have reflected on examples of times when you have put these important qualities into practice. For example, would you be confident speaking for a couple of minutes about a time you’ve demonstrated good teamwork? How about a time you’ve used effective communication?

It’s also helpful to reflect on your behaviour in previous experiences, for example working in a challenging situation, working as a team, being a leader, and so on. Remember to also consider any observations you made during your work experience.

For example, how did one professional’s behaviour impact a patient’s care or experience? Reflecting on these points and bringing them into your interview responses can make your answers more human and thoughtful.

2. Get to grips with timings

The Nottingham MMI interview covers a wide range of topics and skills, with each of the 8 stations lasting five minutes each. Using a timer, try to practise answering questions or debating about a specific topic for a set time.

This will help you appreciate how long you’ve got to speak. When I was preparing for my Nottingham medicine interview, doing this was very useful. I learned that I had more time than I thought, so could practise speaking more clearly and steadily, while still fitting in everything I wanted to say. Remember, just keep your cool and don’t rush!  

At Nottingham, the first station also has an additional three minutes to let you answer a couple of ice-breaker questions. This is a great opportunity to really get into the flow of things and start your interview positively!

There is a two-minute break between each station, giving you time to move to the next station and read the next set of instructions or scenario. It’s a chance for you to clear your mind and refocus, so you can give 100% at the next station! After you’ve finished your MMI circuit, there is an optional tour of the medical school facilities.

3. Know the basics of your Nottingham medicine interview

Knowing about your specific course and university is essential, and Nottingham’s unique course structure makes it especially important to know about.

As you may know, Nottingham’s A100 and A108 Medicine courses actually give you two degrees: the BMedSci and the BMBS. It’s a good idea to consider why different features of the course, such as gaining two degrees, are beneficial and suitable to you personally. What sets Nottingham apart from other medical schools, and what other aspects of studying at Nottingham University appeal to you?

It can also be helpful to practise answering standard basic interview questions, such as “why medicine?” If these come up, you’ll feel at ease answering them instead of having to think on the spot why you want to be a doctor. Of course, don’t rehearse answers word for word, or you may come across as a bit unnatural – they’re not looking for robots!

4. Don’t forget your documents – and dress smart!

Nottingham ask you to bring a few documents with you for interviews, so be sure to double-check your emails/letters or the website for up-to-date information on what to bring on the day!

Also, be sure to wear smart attire to give a positive impression to the interviewer and to make you feel professional and ready to ace the interview.

However, remember that you still need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. You definitely don’t want to be distracted by an itchy shirt or a pair of poorly fitting trousers!

5. Don’t worry about not hearing back straight away

You’ll be notified of the medical school’s decision following interview anytime from January onwards. Don’t worry if you don’t find out in January, it can take time for offers to come out and any delays in offer-giving don’t necessarily reflect your performance at interview.

After the Nottingham medicine interview, you should really be very proud of yourself, as it can be quite a nerve-wracking process. Make the most of being on the beautiful campus and enjoy exploring the beautiful city of Nottingham!

Words: Louisa Lee


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