If you’ve been invited to a Medical School interview at the University of Nottingham, check out this guide to the common Medicine interview questions you can expect.

Nottingham University Medical Interviews

There are multiple ways to receive an invitation for interview at Nottingham. Typically, your highest eight GCSE marks will be scored, as will your UCAT, and the scores will be added together to decide who to invite to interview.

You can also get a ‘fast track’ to interview, meaning you will be considered for interview without having your GCSEs and UCAT scored by completing one of a selection of programmes/summer schools detailed here.



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How Is Nottingham Interviewing For 2024 Entry?

Nottingham will be conducting online interviews via Microsoft Teams between December and March for 2024 entry.

The interview is likely to include four different scenarios and one role play. There is some time allocated at the beginning to break the ice, which will not contribute to your score.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Nottingham University

The following are common themes in Nottingham Medicine interview questions:

  • Good communication and ability to listen
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Knowledge of the MDT
  • Respect for patients

Sample questions might include:

  • Describe ways in which you would make your patient as comfortable as possible when breaking bad news.
  • What would you do if a patient refused life-saving treatment?
  • What kind of health professionals would you expect to be involved in the multidisciplinary team for the treatment of breast cancer?
  • What qualities do you have that make you a good leader?
  • Is teamwork important in Medicine?

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Tips For Answering Nottingham Interview Questions

  • Medicine at Nottingham is unique in that you graduate with two degrees at the end: a BMedSci and a BMBS. Be aware of this and be able to explain why this appeals to you.
  • Be prepared to explain why an integrated Medicine course suits your style of learning.
  • Nottingham values students who have an appreciation of every member of the MDT. If you’re asked a question like “Why do you want to be a Doctor and not a Nurse?”, ensure you are respectful to all other health professionals in your response.
  • Given that leadership, teamwork and communication are key themes for Nottingham interviews, have examples ready to explain how you have displayed these qualities during your work experience.
  • Given that professionalism is a key theme, ensure you have a good understanding of the GMC’s Good Medical Practice.
  • Nottingham uses full-body dissection as a means to teach anatomy, so it is possible you may be asked about the benefits of such teaching methods. Be prepared for this.

How Are Interviews at Nottingham Assessed?

There is no published information relating to how Nottingham interviews are assessed, other than a reiteration of the importance of displaying understanding of the key themes that Nottingham values.

Applicants progressing to interview will receive further details of the interview process closer to the interview date.


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