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Brighton and Sussex medical school interviews use Multiple-Mini Interviews (MMIs) in their selection process – here are 5 tips to do well in your MMI here.

Preparing for your Brighton and Sussex medicine interview:

1. Check the layout before your Brighton and Sussex medicine interview

At your Brighton and Sussex medicine interview, you will have five separate MMI stations/discussions, each lasting ten minutes and you will have one minute between each discussion. BSMS have a useful page which outlines what to expect at your MMI and gives a rough layout of the MMI. Have a look at this before your MMI so you are aware of the layout and how the timings work at each station.

2. Be ready to draw upon your work experience and reflect on it

As part of your MMI discussions, you may well be asked directly about experiences you have had or there may be opportunities where you can bring in examples yourself. Think of any experience relevant to medicine you’ve had – it may be hospital-based or it could be volunteering in a community group, for example.

All of these things can help you to demonstrate you have specific skills that are required in medicine, such as, teamwork and resilience, which you may be asked about at your MMI.

Make sure you would be able to answer any questions relating to work experience clearly and that you reflect on experiences rather than just state what you did.

3. Use the Medical Schools’ Council core values document

This document also details the key skills and attributes needed to study medicine, which you can see here:

  • Motivation to study medicine and genuine interest in the medical profession
  • Insight into your own strengths and weaknesses
  • The ability to reflect on your own work
  • Personal organisation
  • Academic ability
  • Problem-solving
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Manage risk and deal effectively with problems
  • Ability to take responsibility for your own actions
  • Conscientiousness
  • Insight into your own health
  • Effective communication, including reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to treat people with respect
  • Resilience and the ability to deal with difficult situations
  • Empathy and the ability to care for others

BSMS may ask you to give examples of when you have demonstrated these various qualities in your MMI. Make sure you understand all the values and attributes – and try to think of examples of situations where you have used them to bring into any relevant interview questions.

4. Practise discussions with friends and family

The ten min MMI stations are discussions where you’ll be asked questions/given scenarios so practise discussing medicine related topics with others whenever possible, for example, talking about ethical scenarios and healthcare news.

This will help you to become more comfortable articulating your thoughts clearly. Use the interview section of The Medic Portal to find some useful starting points for discussions.

In your MMI make sure you think before you speak and speak clearly and confidently. Check out this example discussion at BSMS to give you an example of a high-level candidate.

5. Read BSMS MMI FAQ to put your mind at ease

MMIs can seem quite scary if you haven’t done them before, so BSMS have put together some FAQs which are really useful and will hopefully answer any of your questions. 

Words: Rachael Foulsham

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