Birmingham - Med School Interview Tips

The University of Birmingham medicine interview, they use Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) as part of their admissions process. Around 1200 candidates are invited to attend an interview, and they take place between November and February.

Preparing for your Birmingham medicine interview:

1. Know which stations to expect

At the Birmingham medicine interview, there are seven interview stations, each lasting six minutes. You will also have two minutes of preparation time outside of the station to read information relating to the topic.

Birmingham have released what each station will involve- there’s no reason to not know what to expect! The seven stations are titled:

  • Ethics
  • Motivation and Insight into Medicine: Challenges faced by practitioners
  • Data Interpretation
  • Interactive Task: Engagement with student
  • Motivation and Insight into Medicine: Personal Qualities
  • Dealing with personal and ethical challenges
  • Interactive Task: Role Play

You will need to handle data in the Birmingham medicine interview, and so an important aspect of your preparation should include practising questions as, according to the University of Birmingham’s website, you will need to undertake ‘very simple calculations in your head’.

Don’t be caught out on the day with something that you could have easily prepared for!

2. Keep up to date with medical news

Birmingham make it very clear that it is not possible to ‘revise’ for MMIs, however you should be able to prepare for your interview by reading the latest issues that appear in the news and media. Indeed, discussing and debating them with friends and family is the perfect way of being able to improve your communication skills for any station!

It’s important to remember as well that you are applying to enter into the medical field, in which keeping up to date with the latest research will become an important part of your working life! Get into good habits now so that you’ll be able to start your journey of lifelong learning.

3. Understand what happens after the interview

The decision whether an offer is made is mainly based on how well you did at interview. If, however, you feel that the interview didn’t go so well, the worst thing that you can do is panic!

The University of Birmingham use your scores for each station to calculate an average score, and this is used to rank everybody. However, there is no acceptable score. Therefore, if you found an individual station particularly challenging in your Birmingham medicine interview, you may find that many other candidates did too!

If you have sent off your UCAS application and still haven’t been invited to attend an interview, don’t worry! Birmingham state that ‘there is no advantage to attending an interview early’. If your friend is interviewed in November, and you are interviewed in February, you both have the exact same chance of being successful.

Hopefully, reading my three tips for your interview at Birmingham will help you to understand what is needed to start your preparation.

Good luck – remember, if you are called to interview, Birmingham obviously feel that you have the potential to be a medical student there; it’s over to you to prove them right!

Words: Matthew Heneghan

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