St Andrews - Med School Interview Tips

If you are successful in getting an interview at St Andrews for medicine, then you will take part in Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs). Here are 5 tips for doing well at your MMI…

Preparing for your St Andrews medicine interview:

1. Be prepared on the day

St Andrews ask you to bring a piece of photographic ID (for example, a valid passport) with you to your MMI. It is really important you have this as otherwise you will not be allowed to do your interview. So, make sure you check out the list of acceptable photographic identification which can be found here.

Also, check your email/letter from St Andrews to check there is nothing else you need to bring/have to do before your St Andrews medicine interview.

2. Be aware of what is being assessed at your MMI

St Andrews want to see you have ‘an understanding of medicine as a career and that you appreciate the realities of working in a caring profession.’ Also, you are assessed on communication and interpersonal skills.

Before your St Andrews medicine interview I would strongly recommend doing some mock interviews with teachers or parents/carers. This will ensure you are able to demonstrate these attributes clearly and will help you feel more confident when it comes to your actual MMI.

3. Be able to discuss ethical issues

Like many medical school interviews, St Andrews assess you on ethical issue discussions. I would advise to do a bit of research into topical ethical debates, for example, abortion and euthanasia, and make sure you can discuss these thoroughly.

Try to think of the 4 pillars of ethics- autonomy, non- maleficence, justice and beneficence- when debating ethical issues and you should find it a lot easier.

4. Practise role-play scenarios

At least one of your MMI stations at your St Andrews medicine interview will be a role-play scenario with an actor. This sounds very overwhelming, but the interviewers are not looking at your acting skills, instead how you demonstrate specific skills and respond to a situation.

This can be a great opportunity to demonstrate good communication skills and other attributes such as empathy. Try to get a friend or teacher to practise a role-play situation with you before your interview so you know a bit more what to expect!

5. Be aware of timings of the MMI

At St Andrews the MMI circuit is usually six stations, each lasting 6 minutes. This is a shorter circuit than a lot of other medical schools so make sure you use all the time you have to give appropriate and concise answers.

But equally, think carefully before you say something and try not to say something just to fill an awkward silence! Practise mock interviews lasting this long, to get comfortable with this length of time and this will help you feel more confident on the day.

Words: Rachael Foulsham


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