If you’ve got a Medical School interview for Graduate Entry Medicine coming up at Warwick University, check out this guide to discover common interview questions.

Warwick University Medical Interviews

Warwick Medical School is the largest graduate-only Medical School in the UK, offering a 4-year accelerated course to roughly 190 students each year.

Interviews at Warwick typically occur in December.

Those who interview at Warwick must have met the initial criteria:

  • Minimum 2:1 degree in any subject. (They accept bachelor’s degrees with a 2:2 if you have an Msc or PhD.)
  • Have taken the UCAT in the summer of the application cycle.
  • 70 hours of work experience across at least two placements (you will be required to provide references). 50 hours of this experience must involve direct hands-on care of patients or people, for example as an HCA or care worker. Further information on what is considered appropriate work experience for Warwick can be found here.
  • Have an appropriate UCAS reference from someone who holds a position of responsibility and can comment on your suitability for Medicine.

Warwick does not consider your Personal Statement in the application process, although one should still be provided in your UCAS application.

Candidates who have met the initial criteria are then scored based on UCAT score and academic achievement. The top 450 candidates (approximately) are invited to the selection centre.

In 2023, 480 candidates were interviewed out of 1382 applicants. Subsequently, 264 offers were made.


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How Is Warwick Interviewing For 2024 Entry Medicine?

Warwick uses Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) in its selection centre. The interview comprises six stations and takes roughly two hours to complete. Station interviewers range from medical professionals and academics to current students and laypeople.

Warwick University has confirmed that interviews for the 2024 cycle will take place at its Medical Teaching Centre.

They place a high emphasis on assessing the values of the candidate, as opposed to knowledge. You should therefore consider the NHS values and Warwick’s own Doctor Values (see below) in your preparation for the selection centre.

Reflect upon how you can demonstrate these values during your MMI stations.

The Warwick Doctor Values:

  • Kindness
  • Academic Rigour
  • Integrity
  • Support for Others
  • Humility
  • Innovation and Creativity

Warwick has released a guide to what candidates can expect regarding communication during their selection centre, which you may find useful.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Warwick Medical School

MMI stations for Warwick are kept highly confidential. However, the values and competencies they assess are:


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Tips For Answering Warwick Interview Questions

It’s advisable to research general examples of MMI stations and attempt those prior to your interview. Although these might not be reflective of the Warwick stations, they may aid in preparation for the structure of MMIs and the time pressures associated with them.

One of the unique aspects of Warwick Medical School is that all candidates are graduate students with a range of degrees, so there is a diverse set of experiences in the cohort. Use this to your advantage in your interviews: what unique experience do you have that would make you a good student at Warwick?

Arguably, the best way to prepare for Warwick’s interviews is to do some really good work experience that you can draw upon in your assessment.

Above all else: be authentic and be yourself. After all, Warwick is assessing you as a person, your values and qualities, not what you know.

How Are Interviews At Warwick Assessed?

Warwick does not disclose its scoring process for candidates in their interviews.

Offers are made upon careful review of each candidate’s score profile.


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