UCLAN - Med School Interview Tips

UCLan medicine interview use multiple mini interviews (MMIs) in their selection process. Not sure how to prepare? Here are our top tips for impressing your interviewers…

1. Know the specific timings for your UCLan medicine interview

The MMIs at UCLan consist of a circuit of 8 different stations, each is 7 minutes long with 5 minutes for an activity and 2 minutes reading time before the activity. Each station has an assessor who may be a scientist, clinical teacher, patient volunteer or actor.

Try to make sure you really use the two minutes reading time to get to grips with what you are being asked to do and start thinking about how you may respond to the activity. If you don’t understand what you are expected to do, make sure you ask your assessor.

2. Be aware your transferable skills statement form is discussed at one station

If you apply for medicine at UCLan you will be asked to fill out a transferable skills statement which is used as part of selection for interview, but it is also used in one the MMI stations.

It’s important you fill this form out in as much detail as possible, reflecting on any work experience you’ve done and showing what skills you have that are required in medicine. Guidance for filling out this form can be found on the UCLan website here.

As this form is also used in interview, make sure you remember the experiences you wrote about – it would be worth keeping a copy of it to look back over before your interview! Be ready to discuss these experiences in more detail at interview.

3. Don’t forget to bring proof of ID and provide a DBS check

If you get invited to interview at UCLan you must provide a satisfactory enhanced DBS check (or international equivalent). UCLan will give you information about how to do this but make sure you do get this check done before your interview.

Also, make sure you bring proof of identification with you on the day of your MMI. Check in the information given to you by UCLan that there is nothing else you need to bring.

4. Keep up to date with current healthcare news and look at ethical dilemmas

UCLan recommend that you keep up to date with medical news and look at types of dilemmas faced by health professionals, to help you prepare for your interview.

The Medic Portal have many resources that can help you with this, including the ethics section and check the blogs section for a weekly medical news round up – you can sign up to receive these in your inbox here.

Words: Rachael Foulsham

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