If you have a Medicine interview coming up at Plymouth University, check out this guide on what you can expect and the common interview questions you could face.

Plymouth University Medical Interviews

Plymouth Medical School sends out interview invitations from November to February, and interviews will take place between December and February. Plymouth will hold all interviews online over Zoom in an MMI format.

All applicants are assessed based on their academic record and must meet the following entry requirements:

  • 7 GCSEs at a Grade 4/C or higher, which must include Maths, English Language and 2 sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
  • A*AA – AAA at A-Level is a typical offer, for which the first Grade A* is in Biology, second from either Chemistry, Physics, Maths or Psychology and third from any other subject. A-Levels must be completed within the last 5 years.
  • All applicants must have sat the UCAT by 15 October 2023. The UCAT threshold for 2024 entry will not be revealed until all applications have been received and assessed.

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How Is Plymouth Interviewing For 2024 Entry Medicine?

Plymouth is holding all interviews online via Zoom, using an MMI structure. Each applicant will be assessed across five stations, with a single assessor at each one.

Interview assessors are from different backgrounds and include a range of academics, medical students, clinicians, and other Allied Health professionals. The entire interview is expected to last approximately 50 minutes.

Interviews are scored using both a numerical scale and ‘global judgement.’ Each applicant’s numerical score is based on how good their response to each question was.

Global judgement scores are given through a yes, no or maybe response, and this is based on whether each interviewer would be happy for the candidate to be their Doctor in the future.

Both scores are used for deciding the interview outcome. Successful candidates will receive a conditional offer via email.

Common Medicine Interview Question Topics At Plymouth University

At Plymouth University, the following topics are typically covered in Medicine interview questions:

Typical interview questions at Plymouth could include:

  • What work experiences have led you towards pursuing Medicine as a career?
  • What are the 4 pillars of medical ethics?
  • What are the qualities required for good healthcare provision?
  • What are some of the challenges you have faced while working in a team?
  • What are the emotional challenges of having a career in Medicine?
  • How would you deal with a difficult situation?
  • Why study Medicine and not nursing?
  • Talk about an occasion where you could have performed better and how you would approach the situation differently.
  • Why Plymouth?

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Tips For Answering Plymouth Interview Questions

  • Research Plymouth’s course and teaching hospitals, and think about why the Medical School is suited to you. Plymouth wants candidates to understand how the course works and how they will be taught.
  • Remember that the interview is not a test of medical or scientific knowledge, but for candidates to demonstrate the appropriate values of a future NHS Doctor.
  • Read up on the core values of the NHS and the GMC’s Good Medical Practice. This will show the interviewer that you understand the realities of being a Doctor and hold the attributes of a good healthcare professional.
  • Be mindful of what you say in your interview. While there is technically no right or wrong answer, it is important to be sensible with all your answers, so you come across as a professional and ideal candidate.
  • Stay calm. If one MMI station does not go the way you expected, do not panic, as each station is assessed individually.

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