Which UK Medical Schools Do Not Require UCAT?

9th March 2024

Find out which UK Medical Schools do not require the UCAT - including BMAT universities and more.

When is A level results day 2024

When Is A level Results Day 2024?

8th March 2024

Wondering what to expect from A level results day 2024? Find out the dates, what to expect and about the crucial next steps.

what to wear to medical school interview

What To Wear To A Medical School Interview

6th March 2024

If you're wondering what you should wear to your Medical School interview, we asked a medical student for their advice.

What is the Highest UCAT Score Ever Achieved

What is the Highest UCAT Score Ever Achieved?

4th March 2024

Find out what the highest UCAT score achieved has been as well as what scores are considered good, average, and low.

Easter Revision

5 Things You Should Do Over Easter To Get Those Grades

1st March 2024

The Easter holidays are always a marker of exams looming - here are five simple tips to make the most of your revision!

Most Effective A-Level Revision Techniques

The 3 Most Effective A-Level Revision Techniques

26th February 2024

Struggling to find a revision technique that works for you? Read our tips here!

Personal Statement Character Count

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Personal Statement Fit the Character Count

25th February 2024

The character count for the personal statement can be tricky. Here's how to cut down unnecessary characters!

medicine offer

6 Things To Do After You Get A Medicine Offer

23rd February 2024

So you've received an offer to study Medicine... What happens next? Find out the 6 things you should do after getting an offer.

Would An Integrated Course Suit You?

23rd February 2024

In this blog, we'll look at Integrated Courses and their key features to help you decide if this is the right course structure for you.

Top 5 Books For Aspiring Medics

Top 5 Books For Aspiring Medics

19th February 2024

Want to study medicine? Here are five inspiring books every aspiring medic should read!


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