4th March 2021
This aspiring Medic didn’t get any Medicine offers – but was instead offered the chance to study Biomedical Science at St George’s. In this blog, Evelyn Hardwood tells us more about her application and why she’s really excited about her new pathway to Medicine.

I Applied To Medicine And Biomedical Sciences

I found the Medicine application process quite stressful, to be honest. I got my UCAT score before I applied and although it wasn’t awful, it limited which universities I could look at. I later got a great BMAT score but ended up only choosing one BMAT university rather than gambling before I sat the test.

I think my application was good: I had a strong Personal Statement, plenty of work experience and volunteering, as well as very high GCSE’s and predicted grades. But in the end, my UCAT score really brought it all down.

I ended up applying for Medicine at Oxford, Edinburgh, Birmingham and St George’s, and for biomedical sciences at Edinburgh as well.

I Didn’t Get Any Medicine Offers

Getting no’s is disappointing; it feels like everyone else is getting offers straight away, while you’re waiting months for a rejection. It’s a waiting game but it can be painful when you have no inclining of whether or not you will even get an interview.

If I were to do the same again, I wouldn’t change my application. No one should be put off from applying to their dream Medical School out of worry of not getting in. It can be disheartening and stressful, so it’s important to plan other options, too.


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My Plan B

Although I didn’t get an offer for Medicine, I was lucky enough to get an offer for biomedical science at St George’s University in London! This gave me the opportunity to think about other ways that I could still fulfil my desire to have a career in the medical field, like doing research or even applying for Graduate Medicine later on down the line.

The idea of reapplying again next year seemed less appealing. By taking a place on the biomedical science course, I have the option to pursue Medicine again later – but now I could also explore careers in research, hospital labs and more.

Biomedical science opens a range of doors I hadn’t even considered when I initially applied, some of which I think I would maybe even enjoy more.

My Future Plans

At the moment, I think I will end up applying for Graduate Entry Medicine and hopefully I’ll be able to look at the transfer to Medicine that St George’s offer to their biomedical students.

I still want to work towards becoming a Doctor, even if it takes a slightly different route from what I originally planned.

However, I’m also keeping an open mind about alternative careers if I decided later that Medicine wasn’t what I wanted to do. This would likely involve further study in the biomedical field or even looking at what areas of research I could go into.

My Advice For Medicine Applicants

My tips for anyone applying to Medicine are:

  • Make sure you have a solid backup plan. At the moment, universities are having to raise their cut-offs for applicants, so it’s a really uncertain time.
  • Pick a safe option. For your non-Medicine choice, go with a course that you’d still enjoy while leaving the door open for Medicine in the future.
  • If you don’t score highly in UCAT or BMAT – or if you flunk all of your interviews – don’t lose hope. There are still plenty of other options for you to go and study Medicine, it just might take a little bit longer than expected!

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