Before your UCAS application is underway, you need to start thinking about the practicalities of life at Medical School and financing your degree – this includes the costs of studying Medicine and available funding options.

How Much Does UK Medical School Cost?

As a medical student, you will have two main costs to meet: tuition fees and living expenses. There may also be extra course costs, for example if you chose to take elective courses. But for now let’s focus on the basics.

Most medical schools in England and Wales charge home students a fixed tuition rate of £9,250 per year. Some schools in Northern Ireland and Scotland differ, depending on where you are from. Additionally, private universities may charge a higher rate.

Fees for international students vary widely and are outlined in the table below. Please note that some Medical Schools are not currently accepting international students.

UniversityCosts for UK students (Annual)Costs for International Students (Annual)
University of Aberdeen£9,250 £50,100
Anglia Ruskin University£9,250From £15,900
Queen Mary University of London£9,250£48,700
University of Birmingham£9,250£30,330 (years 1 & 2), £48,660 (years 3, 4 & 5)
Brighton and Sussex Medical School£9,250 £42,000
University of Bristol£9,250£42,800
University of Buckingham£40,000£45,000
University of Cambridge£9,250£67,194
Cardiff University£9,000£43,700
University of Dundee£9,250£52,105
Edge Hill University£9,250£16,500
University of Edinburgh£9,250£32,100 (years 1-3), £49,900 (years 4-6)
University of Exeter£9,250£45,700
University of Glasgow£9,250£56,520
Hull York Medical School£9,250£43,950
Imperial College London£9,250£45,300
Keele University£9,250£41,000
Kent and Medway Medical School£9,250£46,400
King’s College London£9,250£48,600
Lancaster University£9,250£45,315
University of Leeds£9,250£44,000
University of Leicester£9,250£29,000
University of Liverpool£9,250£42,700
University of Manchester£9,250£38,000 (years 1 & 2), £58,000 (from year 3)
Newcastle University£9,250£42,200
University of East Anglia£9,250£42,300
University of Nottingham£9,250£28,700
University of Oxford£9,250£43,670
Plymouth University Peninsula£9,250£22,000 (year 1), £25,500 (year 2), £41,100 (subsequent years)
Queens University Belfast£9,250£36,900
University of Sheffield£9,250£43,150
University of Southampton£9,250£28,900
University of St Andrews£9,250£36,990
St George’s University of London£9,250$42,550
University of Sunderland£9,250The course is not open to international students
Swansea University£9,000£43,850
University of Central Lancashire£9,250£50,000
University College London£9,250£50,300
University of Warwick£9,250£27,290 (year 1), £47,580 (subsequent years)
Brunel University London£9,250£49,395
Ulster University£9,250£37,000
University of Chester£9,250£42,500
University of Worcester£9,250£46,500

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Can I Get a Loan to Study Medicine in the UK?

For UK students, government loans are available through Student Finance.

UK Undergraduates

Most Medicine degrees are 5-6 years long. Student Finance will fully cover your tuition fees for the first four years. For the final 1 or 2 years, Student Finance will not cover your tuition fees.

You can apply for a loan even if you haven’t received an offer yet. The process is quite simple:

  1. Start by setting up a Student Finance online account
  1. You may need to provide evidence of your household income and some other supporting information from your parent or guardian.
  1. You may need to send in proof of identity.

UK Graduates

Graduate students can either enter an undergraduate course or enter an accelerated Graduate Entry Medicine program. If you choose an undergraduate program, unfortunately, you will be ineligible to have any of your tuition fees covered by Student Finance and so must cover them yourself.

However, if you enrol in an accelerated, graduate-entry course, you are able to receive partial tuition fee cover by Student Finance, typically 2/3rds.

International Students

International students are ineligible to receive a tuition loan from Student Finance, however, there are many private companies you can get a loan from instead.

What Funding is Available?

As outlined above, Student Finance typically does not cover all the costs associated with the course. However, the NHS also provides some funding to students in the form of NHS Bursaries. These are different for graduates vs. undergraduates and can get a little complicated so let’s break it down again!

UK Undergraduates

NHS Bursaries will come into effect in your 5th (and 6th) year, as Student Finance does not cover tuition fees, the NHS will pay for it. Additionally, students will receive a means-tested bursary to help with living costs, with a minimum grant of £1000.

UK Graduates

If you are a Graduate in an Undergraduate program, you will similarly only receive NHS benefits from your 5th year. However, if you are on an accelerated, four-year course, you will receive the NHS Bursary and partial Tuition cover from your 2nd year.

International Students

International Students are not eligible for the NHS Bursary. However, universities often offer additional scholarships to foreign students to compensate for that. 

As these are bursaries, you do not need to repay them. Additionally, most universities have their own funding available to help their students. This can come in the form of scholarships, bursaries, grants or funds and are typically awarded for academic/sporting achievements, low household income or to those with disadvantaged backgrounds.

The table below outlines the university-specific funding available to medical students.

UniversityAvailable Funding
University of AberdeenTwo Gateway 2 Medicine scholarships
Anglia Ruskin UniversityRange of ARU scholarships and bursaries
Queen Mary University of LondonTwo means tested scholarships in addition to a range of other QMUL bursaries and scholarships
University of BirminghamNo specific medicine funding but other QMUL funding available
Brighton and Sussex Medical SchoolMeans tested Brighton Bursary
University of BristolTwo scholarships available in addition to a hardship fund
University of BuckinghamBuckingham offers a variety of scholarships in addition to automatic scholarships for high achievers
University of CambridgeCambridge offers a Medicine Bursary for each year in addition to scholarships
Cardiff UniversityCardiff University offers various financial support for their students including Grants, Bursaries and scholarships
University of DundeeDundee offers scholarships for Medicine depending on academic achievement and household income. These scholarships vary depending on your nationality
Edge Hill UniversityEdge Hill offers sports scholarships in addition to a Student Support Fund
University of EdinburghEdinburgh offers a range of financial support including scholarships depending on your nationality
University of ExeterExeter has many different scholarships available for academic excellence in addition to disadvantaged students
University of GlasgowGlasgow offers nine different different scholarships for their Medical Students
Hull York Medical SchoolHull York offers UK students a Medical School Bursary
Imperial College LondonUK Medical students are eligible for their Imperial Bursary Scheme
Keele UniversityKeele offers their UK and international Medical Students bursaries and scholarships
Kent and Medway Medical SchoolKMMS offers a financial support package to eligible Medical Students
King’s College LondonKing’s offers a range of financial support including grants, scholarships, bursaries and hardship funds
Lancaster UniversityLancaster automatically considers their medical students for a range of scholarships and bursaries
University of LeedsLeeds offers their Medical Students in addition to other financial support scholarships
University of LeicesterLeicester offers Medical Students a range of scholarships including Sport and Sanctuary
University of LiverpoolLiverpool has scholarships and bursaries available
University of ManchesterNo specific funding for medicine but plenty of financial support available through the University
Newcastle UniversityFour Medicine-specific bursaries and scholarships in addition to wider financial support
University of East AngliaA range of scholarships available
University of NottinghamNottingham Potential Bursary in addition to Medicine scholarships
University of OxfordBursary packages available to UK students as well as a range of scholarships and bursariesof scholarships and bursaries
Plymouth University PeninsulaScholarships and other financial aid available through the wider University
Queens University BelfastA range of scholarships available
University of SheffieldBursaries and scholarships available to home and international students
University of SouthamptonMeans-tested Southampton Bursary in addition to other funding support
University of St AndrewsBursaries and scholarships available
St George’s University of LondonSt George’s Opportunity Fund Grant for students with lower income backgrounds in addition to other grants and bursaries
University of SunderlandUniversity of Sunderland Medicine bursaries available
Swansea UniversityA range of scholarships available
University of Central LancashireMedicine scholarship in addition to other financial support
University College LondonUCL has a number of scholarships, bursaries and hardship funds for Medical Students
University of WarwickMeans-tested Warwick Bursary for the first year of medicine in addition to a other financial support
Brunel University LondonThree Medical scholarships available to international students
Ulster UniversityMedical Education scholarships available
University of ChesterScholarships including an international scholarship available
University of WorcesterScholarship and hardship fund available

Can I Get Help with Living Expenses?

For UK Students, Student Finance provides maintenance loans in addition to tuition loans. Maintenance loans are means-tested, meaning the amount you get will depend on your household income and other situational circumstances. Maintenance loans of up to £13,022 are available to help students with their living expenses.

UK Undergraduates

For the first four years, you will receive the same maintenance loan you would in any other degree. However, from your fifth year, your maintenance loan is at a reduced rate but this is when your NHS Bursary comes into effect.

UK Graduates

Although graduate students on an undergraduate course are unable to access tuition loans through Student Finance, they are able to apply for a maintenance loan, yet this may be at a reduced rate. Similarly, graduates in a graduate-entry program also have access to the maintenance loan, again at a reduced rate.

International Students

International Students are unable to receive a maintenance loan from the government, however, they may be able to receive a loan privately.

Is Extra Financial Help Available?

NHS Bursaries also help with additional costs associated with studying medicine for example travel expenses and placement accommodation.

Furthermore, there is the opportunity for cadetship within the Army, Navy or Royal Air Force in which student bursaries can be worth up to £75,000 depending on the sector. The cadetship requires some training during your degree and a minimum of four years of service after, this varies depending on the sector.

There is also the opportunity to ‘win’ financial help by entering Medicine Essay competitions or other such awards. These, however, will only be available to enter once you have been enrolled in your course.


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