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Newcastle Medical School was founded in 1834, and since then has had an excellent history of teaching and research. Located centrally in Newcastle, the Medical School adopts a case led approach and emphasises the importance of looking at the patient as a whole. The area has numerous clinical opportunities, which allow students to observe and take part in exciting new areas in medicine.

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Case Study

Killian Turbitt
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What are the best things about your Medical School?

  1. Early patient contact and clinical skills.
  2. Opportunities for research.
  3. Highly respected and associated with leading hospitals in the country.

What are the hardest things about your course?

  1. Will have to travel in clinical years.
  2. There will be a lot to learn, but that will be the case for any medical school.
  3. Juggling social life and work.

What’s the social side of your Medical School like?

Newcastle is famed for being a social city and it lives up to its reputation. The medical school has numerous societies to get involved in, from the academic to the social. Newcastle itself is a really friendly, surprising and amazing city, with the beach only 25 minutes away and culture everywhere. And let’s not forget about the legendary nights out in Newcastle, which cannot be missed.

What tips would you give to someone applying to your Medical School?

  1. Research the course and find out why Newcastle is so great.
  2. Experience in health care settings is always useful, whether its volunteering or work experience, and knowing what a job in the medical sector will entail.
  3. Remember that the course is to train people to help others when they need it most, and that those patients should be considered as a whole.

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