Edinburgh’s six-year Medicine degree is designed to prepare students for the challenges of medical practice. The first two years will consist of studying topics such as anatomy, pathology and microbiology, as well as the social and ethical angles of clinical practice. Practical clinical skills are also learnt, such as interviewing patients, resuscitation, as well as clinical reasoning and decision-making skills. Skills are advanced through GP-based teaching, community projects and workshops.

In year three, students will take on research-based study that leads to a Bachelor of Medical Sciences Honours degree. This intercalated degree includes biochemistry, pharmacology, psychology, neuroscience, zoology and many more.

In the fourth year, all aspects of healthcare and clinical medicine are studied. Development of practice experience through placements also takes place. In the fifth year, various speciality areas are explored whilst students work as part of teams on hospital wards. Individual research projects also occur, in partnership with a clinical tutor.

In your fifth year, you will observe various specialities and complete a research project alongside a clinical tutor. You will apply all your learning in your final year and have the opportunity to assist junior doctors as well as undertake supervised duties of F1 doctor.

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