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Brighton & Sussex

Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) is a young medical school with a dynamic course designed to help students to become highly competent, strongly motivated doctors. Its graduates develop the knowledge, professional and key personal skills and attitudes needed to pursue a successful career in medicine. A small cohort, early clinical exposure and full cadaveric dissection help BSMS students to develop a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care as they embark on careers as Tomorrows Doctors.

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Case Study

Jake Bush
Year of Study:
Intercalating (Year 3 — 4)

What are the best things about your Medical School?

You get lots of early clinical exposure — an early opportunity to integrate scientific learning into practice.  Cadaveric dissection is an interesting aspect of the course and having a small year group means each student gets a lot of attention.

What are the hardest things about your course?

  1. Balancing work and social life
  2. Need to be fully prepared for every teaching session (e.g. seminar, clinic)
  3. Need to develop academic skills (e.g. effective information gathering) early on in course

What’s the social side of your Medical School like?

The social side of BSMS is fantastic — there is normally a social event organised every week during term time. These socials are not just club nights — there’s also quizzes, talent shows, movie nights, fun-runs, plays and other more formal events such as conferences and dances. BSMS has its own sports team for most major sports. Because the year group is small, it’s fairly easy to meet new people in your year and other year groups at all these events.

What tips would you give to someone applying to your Medical School?

  1. Look at the course — if you think you would enjoy cadaveric dissection and primarily lecture-based teaching early on, then you will probably enjoy studying Medicine at BSMS
  2. Read and be up-to-date with the Tomorrow’s Doctors publication by the GMC — this outlines the expectations of all newly qualified doctors and forms a central part of the focus for training at medical schools, including BSMS
  3. There is plenty of time to have a social life outside of studies on the course — just make sure you are able to manage study time effectively


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