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Lancaster’s medical school is relatively small, which means the Medicine programme has a robust student-focused environment. Students get plenty of guidance during the transition to university and clinical training. Read more...


University of Leeds

Leeds’ five-year Medicine degree has a curriculum that places a strong emphasis on both communication and practical skills, whilst training through the medical sciences. Students will learn about clinical science fundamentals. Read more...


The patient-focused curriculum offered at Leicester Medical School is designed to integrate learning whilst being clinically relevant. The curriculum is delivered through a mix of clinical teaching, small group work and lectures. Read more...



In an exciting collaboration between the University of Lincoln and the University of Nottingham, the University of Lincoln offers a Medicine programme in Lincolnshire. This is a five-year course that consists of an integrated...Read more…



Liverpool’s MBChB degree is delivered through a spiral model that is revisited with increasing complexity throughout the course. Students will become lifelong learners who continuously commit to their professional development. Read more...


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Manchester’s five-year Medicine programme educates, trains and prepares students for a healthcare system that is both for today and for the future. The programme takes on an integrated science approach. Read more...

Medical University of the Americas

MUA is located on Nevis, an island in the Caribbean. MUA is accredited by Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine (ACCM) which, along with key state approvals, allows its students to study in all US states and, for Canadians, all provinces.



Newcastle’s Medical School uses an integrated case-led teaching style that focuses on looking at the patient as a whole. The course prepares students to work as doctors - in a clinical and academic setting. Read more...

Norwich (UEA Medicine)


Norwich’s Medicine course is student-centred and focuses on relating learning to reality by using scenarios and clinical problems. There is an emphasis on developing both practical and theoretical knowledge from the start. Read more...



Nottingham’s Medicine programme is split into two parts. In the pre-clinical phase, students will learn the fundamental skills and knowledge needed by a doctor. Students will complete a research project and attain a BMedSci. Read more...


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