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How To Celebrate Your A Level Results & Beyond

My Top 3 Tips

What should you do after A level results come out? Find out in this blog!
What should you do after A level results come out? Find out in this blog!

Hooray! The dreaded day has come, and you’ve done it! Those trembling hands tore open that crisp brown envelope. Amidst the lines and numbers you spotted those oh-so-yearned for A grades, and fell to the ground with your arms in the air.

OK – perhaps it wasn’t so dramatic as that. You’re probably a straight-A student anyway (like most other Med School applicants) and so you were expecting these results. But it feels good to have proof in writing that you’re pretty clever. Give yourself a pat on the back.

In this blog, I’ll give you my top 3 pieces of advice on your next steps before starting university this September, and how to celebrate your future. So stay! Read! And get ready for some Med School success.

1. Have more fun than a barrel of monkeys

Why not celebrate your A level results in style in Berlin?
Why not celebrate your A level results in style in Berlin?

You deserve it. You’ve worked hard all year what with those things called A levels? E levels? P levels? Oh who knows, June and July seem so long ago that you’ve basically forgotten all the pain you went through anyway.

Now’s the time to have one last student summer before packing your things and having to be a real adult at university without phoning or seeing your parents everyday.

Why not see if you can get cheap flights to a European city like Prague, Budapest or Berlin. Last year, I got flights to Berlin for £30. Can you believe it?! Think about staying for three or four days in a hostel. Check out Hostelworld for some inspiration and cheap places to stay. Then, soak up some overseas culture before coming back to the home turf and knuckling down for the next 5 or 6 years.

2. Think about what you’ll need at Med School…

After your holidays, the time will come when inevitably you’ll have to think about uni. Don’t worry. No need to start prepping for those anatomy lectures just yet. However, you will need to start thinking about packing.

To bring, or not to bring…

Packing is tougher than it seems
Packing is tougher than it seems

What should you take with you? Your university should provide you with a suggested list of the things you’ll need. You may be required to pack your own kitchen things, mini fridge and kettle for instance.

As well as this, definitely think about labelling your items. You’ll almost certainly forget what belongs to who after your freshers week, so get out those marker pens and put your initials on your stuff just to make sure.

Financing your *ahem* studies

Make sure you know what your budget is!
Make sure you know your budget!

Another very important thing to think about is your finances. If you’ve got this sorted, then great! After you’ve settled in to your studies, you could also think about earning a little extra lolly on the side to help pay for your Netflix subscription.

Many students do tutoring. It’s a great way to earn money, and is totally flexible depending on your availability.

Stay healthy

Bring a medicine kit with you
Bring a medicine kit with you

Make sure you bring some serious meds with you. Lemsip and Strepsils are key. As are paracetamol and ibuprofen. Many students fall ill after freshers week. I myself had a mild case of pneumonia for the entirety of my first year without realising it.

Make sure you eat well, and get as much sleep as you can before heading off to university. Keep exercising and ensure you’re in ship-shape to tackle the almighty freshers week head-on and survive it.

3. Do some interesting reading

It’s obviously important to keep those brain juices flowing. We’ve got a great reading list here:

Good Reads: A Medicine Reading List

It’s packed full of great literature, to provide you with a great insight into working in the medical profession and more.

And with that, I bid you adieu!

Probably catch you in Ibiza next week 😉

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