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How will Linear A Levels affect your medical school application? With the new Linear A level system coming into place soon, there has been a lot of confusion as to how each medical school will assess candidates with different qualifications. The table below outlines whether or not each university will consider AS levels for 2018/2019 applications, and if so, what the entry requirements will be.

Please note, this information is subject to change. If you are unsure about any information in the table, don’t hesitate to double check with the appropriate medical school admissions offices.

This page was last updated: 01/02/2018.

Medical SchoolAS levels taken into account for 2018 entry?
BartsIf Linear A Levels are taken you need AAA. If Modular A Levels are taken, you need AAA (b), including Chemistry and Biology at AS to a minimum of grade B. If Maths and Further Maths are taken, Further Maths is acceptable at AS level only.
Brighton & SussexNo
BuckinghamIf Biology is not studied at A2, you must have at least a B at AS level.
CambridgeNo specific information but generally, Cambridge expect good A grades in relevant subjects at AS level. They do not require 90% in every AS or A Level unit/subject.
DundeeAchievement at AS level will be taken into account.
GlasgowIf Biology is not studied at A2, you must have at least a B at AS level.
Hull YorkNo
LancasterRegardless of whether applicants have taken a 4th AS or EPQ or not, all applications will be considered on their own merits. A2/A level offers will range from AAA(b) - A*AA.
LeedsAS results are used as part of the selection process for this course where they have been "cashed in" and provided in full on UCAS. For those who did not cash in their AS results, GCSE results will be considered instead. Those who did not take AS levels will not be disadvantaged in the decision-making process.
LeicesterIf Biology is not studied at A2, you must have taken it at AS level. As well as this, 4th AS levels or EPQ are not necessary but may act in a candidate's favour in some situations e.g. a 'near miss' on results day.
ManchesterFour subjects at AS level are normally expected. However, where only three AS subjects can be taken or AS levels are not taken, applicants will not be disadvantaged with written confirmation of this policy provided by the school.
Queens University BelfastIf Modular A Levels are taken, 3 A Levels and a 4th AS level are required. If Linear A Levels are taken, an EPQ or grade B in a 4th A Level will be accepted in place of a 4th AS level.
SouthamptonWhere Chemistry has not been taken to A2, an AS level in Chemistry and Biology/Human Biology at grade C or above is accepted.
St. AndrewsNo (but if Biology, Mathematics and English are not offered at Advanced (A2) or AS Level, each must normally have been passed at GCSE grade B/5 or better).
St. George'sNo
SwanseaGraduate only
WarwickGraduate only

Not sure what Linear A Levels are?

The Department for Education is reforming the current A level system. The ‘de-coupling’ of A Levels results in AS levels no longer counting towards final A level grades. Therefore, Linear A Levels are a two-year course with one set of exams at the end. AS levels will be a separate, stand-alone qualification.

However, some schools will still teach AS levels and encourage students to sit them alongside their first year of studying the A Level course. Some Medical Schools will count these extra AS level qualifications, and others will not. Please use the table above to see how each university will consider the A Level reform.

The reason behind the reform is apparently ‘grade inflation’. As a result of high numbers of students getting top grades, the new system is designed to make A Levels tougher by removing modules and coursework.

If you’d like to learn more about Linear A Levels, please see the Government’s website here.

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