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5 Things to Know About the University of Nicosia Medical School

15th May 2019

Many aspiring medics from the UK are considering studying overseas. Find out more about the University of Nicosia Medical School here...

London Aspire, October 2016

4 Reasons to Come to TMP Aspire

14th May 2019

Applying for medicine for 2020 entry? Our Aspire event is essential for every aspiring medic - find out four key reasons to attend here!

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3 Tips to Balance Social Life with Studies at Med School

8th May 2019

Whether you're deciding on medical schools or preparing to start university, here are some top tips on how to balance your social life with your studies...

6 types of flatmate

6 Types of Flatmate You’ll Live With at University

2nd May 2019

If you're preparing to start medical school, here are the six types of flatmates you can prepare to encounter...


3 Tips on Managing Your Money at Med School

1st May 2019

From setting a budget to speaking to an admissions advisor, here's how to manage your money at med school...

Nicosia Accommodation

5 Tips on Choosing Uni Accommodation

24th April 2019

So - you've got your place at med school. Next step: choosing your accommodation! Here are some top tips on choosing the right place for you.

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5 Tips When Choosing a Medical School Abroad

17th April 2019

Studying medicine abroad can be a great experience. While exploring your options keep in mind the following things when choosing your universities…


5 Options If You Haven’t Received a Med School Offer

9th April 2019

Feeling disappointed that you haven’t received the medical school offer you had hoped for? Here are some alternatives...

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8 Tips for International Students Applying to UK Medical School

21st February 2019

Are you an international student interested in applying to UK med school? Here are our top tips on making your application stand out...

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4 Benefits of Studying Medicine in Cyprus

5th February 2019

Many students consider studying medicine abroad. Here are the benefits of studying in Cyprus...


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