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COVID-19 Weekly Update: 4th – 10th May 2020

11th May 2020

In this week’s COVID-19 update, the daily death rate is slowly decreasing. Restrictions are slowly being lifted but stricter rules placed on UK borders.

UCAT Ready Checklist

7th May 2020

Are you UCAT ready? Don’t worry if you’re not yet, we’ve got a checklist of all the skills you need to be fully prepped to ace the test when you sit it!

5 Ways To Support Your Medicine Application From Home

7th April 2020

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself occupied whilst in lockdown. Some of these things will help strengthen your application too! Find out more here.

Application Guide

COVID-19 Work Experience Tips

31st March 2020

Want to know what to do if your work experience has been cancelled due to COVID-19? Here is some advice from The Medic Portal’s senior tutor.

3 Medical Netflix Docuseries To Watch

28th February 2020

Make your downtime productive by watching some gripping medical Netflix docuseries! These recommendations cover a range of medical topics.

Key Medical News Stories: 20th February 2020

20th February 2020

Under the microscope in this week’s medical news we cover more on the mumps, the first baby born from frozen eggs and more on the coronavirus.

YouTube Channels Aspiring Medics Should Check Out

14th February 2020

Taking a quick revision break? Make it productive with these great YouTube channels made for aspiring medics on their journey to medical school.

Key Medical News Stories: 6th February 2020

6th February 2020

Under the microscope in this week’s medical news we cover more on the coronavirus, hiv vaccine trials ending and the enquiry on Ian Paterson.

Top Tips For Choosing Medical Schools in the UK

5th February 2020

Struggling to decide on which university would be best for you? Here are four great tips to think about as you make your important decision!

Ten Funny Medical School Jokes

22nd January 2020

As your med school application gets underway, things may get a little stressful. Here are some relatable memes to help you through it.


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