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Done an Arts Degree & want to study Medicine?

The Artful Medic – Graduate Entry Medicine

4th May 2016

Thinking of applying to Graduate Entry Medicine as an Arts Grad? It's possible! In this blog, we outline where to apply, and how to succeed - read it today!

The Aconsultalotl

The Aconsultalotl

29th April 2016

The Aconsultalotl, though prevalent in a many specialities and forms, is in essence very strange. Read the latest in our fun series!

The Clinical Elephantucator

The Clinical Elephantucator

22nd April 2016

What's it like studying a Medicine degree? Find out with this blog! Learn how med students practice on dummies, and how the Elephantucator never forgets!

Join the community & get chatting

NEW! Join The Medic Portal Community & Win!

20th April 2016

Got questions about med school? Get them answered on The Medic Portal Community - start chatting today & learn how to reel in those offers!

The Humming-Doctor

Say Hello To The Humming-Doctor

1st April 2016

Who'll you meet when studying UK Medicine degree courses? Say hello to the Humming-Doctor, a whizzing medical professions ready to take you under it's wing!

Take a Medicine gap year & get into uni!

How To Go From Four Rejections To Four Offers

30th March 2016

Four rejections for Medicine? No matter! Read Kay's story on how she bounced back and got four offers when she reapplied to Medical School after a gap year!

The Studolphin. Illustrated by Lynda Richardson

Get A Little Help From The Studolphin

24th March 2016

'What's a studolphin?' you cry! Whale, whale, whale let me tell you. Learn how to get revision notes to master your Medicine degree with help from my blog!

Bianca on her placement in Tanzania

Student Success Stories: Understanding global health

23rd March 2016

Thinking about getting some once-in-a-lifetime medical work experience under your belt? Read what Bianca has to say about her Gap Medics work experience!

What A-Levels do you need to be a doctor

How To Revise For A levels…

16th March 2016

Don't know how to revise for A levels? Get some tippedy-top advice from our blogging KCL medic, and learn how to get into Medical School with top grades!

The Doctor Sphinx

The Doctor Sphinx

11th March 2016

Planning on studying Medicine? Read our undercover student blog & learn what it's really like. Get ready for some tough riddles from the Dr. Sphinx & more!


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