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What is a registrar? Meet the Registrargoyle, illustrated by Lynda Richardson.

What Is A Registrar? Meet The Registrargoyle

29th June 2016

What is a registrar? Find out here with a little help from the Registrargoyle, a fearsome creature of the hospital wards in the midst of specialist training

Attend a Medical School open day!

Medical School Open Day Dates, 2016

21st June 2016

Want to know the Medical School open day dates for every university in the UK? Find out here & get ahead with your application today!

The Piranhacademic illustrated by Lynda Richardson

The Piranhacademic

17th June 2016

In this week's medical student blog, meet the Piranhacademic - a fearsome creature that'll stop at nothing to sink its teeth into opportunities in the ward!

The Familiar Foundling

The Familiar Foundling

10th June 2016

Want to know what being a Medic student is really like? Read this student blog on ward life and how to ace it! This week, let's meet the Familiar Foundling.

The Studant

The Studant – A Med Student To Team Up With

3rd June 2016

What's it really like being a med student? Find out in our Med School jungle blog! This week, meet the Studant, a hard working team spirit to look out for!

The Extra-Docrestrial is Out of this World

31st May 2016

Worried about how you'll process all the baffling medical terminology at Med School? Meet the Extra-Docrestrial who's jargon is out of this world...

Get involved with our great Medicine reading list, & get ready for Med School!

Good Reads: A Medicine Reading List

25th May 2016

Want a great Medicine reading list? Check out our latest blog & on the top books to read before med school! Find out what they're about & why their useful.

Watch out for the Chamelodent

20th May 2016

Meet the Chamelodent, a charming creature of med school, hard working and stealthy. Learn what it's really like to study Medicine in our undercover blog!

Should the UK leave the EU?

Leaving the EU & it’s affect on the NHS

18th May 2016

How will leaving the EU affect the NHS? Find out the pros and cons in this blog, and get ready to impress admissions tutors with your knowledge!

The Stubat – a party animal to be friends with

13th May 2016

Worried the stresses of medical training will tire you out? Think again! The Stubat - a well seasoned partier - is here to take you under its wing...


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