Published on 20th April 2016 by Roya

Join the family

Join the community & get chatting
Join the community & get chatting

This week, The Medic Portal is launching its brand-spanking-new community. It’s the place for all school students, university applicants, undergraduates and graduates to get chatting about all things Medical School – like your worst interview blunders, best revision tools for UKCAT practice or help for your degree course!

Where ever you see the symbol of three little people (see the top, right-hand-side of this page), click on it and you’ll be taken straight to the community page.

So, how do you use the community? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…!

1. Post questions to The Medic Portal Community

Start posting questions & answers!
Start posting questions & answers!

Are you wondering how long it takes the average applicant to secure some work experience? Or maybe you just want to know what a borborygmi is?

Whatever your questions, get ’em posted on the community. There are massive, green ‘ASK A QUESTION’ buttons all over the place. Give one a click and type in your question. Then, sit back and wait for the answers to come flooding in. If only getting advice was this easy at med school…

2. Help to answer other people’s questions

Start giving advice to others!
Start giving advice to others!

As well as getting your own queries answered, do a little good deed and give advice to other users too.

On The Medic Portal Community homepage, you can filter questions by category. This will help you find the topics you know most about. We look forward to hearing the faint ‘clack-clack-clack’ of students all over the world tapping away at their keyboards.

The community provides a great way to interact with your peers. It’s the perfect platform for helping each other through the trials and tribulations of aspiring doctors & medics across the globe. Deep huh.

3. Vote answers up or down based on helpfulness

Vote posts up or down!
Vote posts up or down!

The fun doesn’t just stop with answering and asking questions, you can also help the community by voting up the questions and answers you think are most useful. This will help them to stand out from the crowd, and make it easier for others to find the right information.

If something you’ve written gets voted up, you’ll see a little notification in your dashboard, as well as on your public profile. Positive votes get totted up for all to see just how super-helpful you are on The Medic Portal Community.

One more thing… Post & win prizes!

Start posting & win prizes!
Start posting & win prizes!

As a special treat to celebrate the launch of our community, we’re giving away 3 free places for a 2016 course of your choice for UKCAT, BMAT, Interview or MMI. The winners will be those who post:

  • The question with the most answers
  • The question with the most positive votes
  • The answer with the most positive votes

You’ve got 3 WEEKS, starting from the 21st April 2016 – so, get posting today and start building a rep!

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