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First year medical students stand in the corridor holding books and chatting

Med School Insight: Medicine Foundation Year at Nottingham

29th July 2019

If you don’t get the exact grades you need to get into medical school, your dreams won’t be completely dashed. I didn’t get the grades, but I’m studying Medicine at a top-ranking university. How, you may wonder? I completed a Foundation year at the University of Nottingham, and next year I will go on to…

Medicine open day

5 Things to Do to Prepare for a Medicine Open Day

10th June 2019

If you’re preparing to visit a university open day, it’s important to ensure you have prepared in advance. From making a list of questions to ask students and staff to planning your travel – here are the things you can do ahead of attending an open day. Need to book your space on an open…

Nightline volunteering

4 Ways to Use Volunteering in Your Application

18th April 2019

A lot of medical students choose to volunteer because of the benefits that it affords their CV, but that’s not the be-all and end-all of the opportunities it gives you. When you’re focused on medical school, getting time to do things you enjoy can be scarce, and doing things that aren’t necessarily useful for your…

medical school application

5 Things You Need to Know About the Medical School Application Process

6th March 2019

So, you’re thinking of applying to medicine – brilliant! It is a privilege like no other to study this course. However, before you embark on the wonderful journey that is medical school, there are quite a few hoops to jump through. As I know from experience, the medical application process can be confusing at first. To help…

How Does Studying Medicine Differ to A-Levels?

How Does Studying Medicine Differ from A-Levels?⠀

21st February 2019

The truth is, medicine is like the weird uncle of A-Levels. You can see how they’re related (just about) but even though you’re prepared for the start of medical school to come around, you’re never quite sure what’s coming next and what work will be thrown at you. It’s a lot more fun than A-Levels, but…

GP Work Experience

Step By Step Guide to Finding GP Work Experience

24th January 2019

Finding your first GP work experience placement as a prospective medical student is often a challenge, but there are steps that can be taken to make this space less difficult to navigate. Differentiating yourself from other eager students and demonstrating your enthusiasm and potential can often make you stand out to healthcare professionals and make…

4 Pieces of Aspiring Medics

4 Pieces of Advice to Aspiring Medics

22nd October 2018

Having just sent off my medicine application on UCAS last week and now receiving acknowledgement emails from the universities I’ve applied to, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my journey thus far. So here are some pieces of advices to all aspiring medics starting sixth form! Wondering what the steps…

8 Point Strategy for VR Success

8-Point Strategy for Verbal Reasoning Success

24th July 2018

The latest edition of our applying to medical school blog is going to deal with a UCAT problem we are getting asked about… A LOT. And that’s how to tackle UCAT Verbal Reasoning questions. This concerns the comprehension style Verbal Reasoning questions. Specifically, the ones that ask you what the overall argument or conclusion of…

Year 11 Medicine

Studying Medicine: Top Tips for Year 11

6th November 2017

Are you in Year 11 and want to study Medicine? Here, you can read our top tips on what you can do to prepare – from choosing your A-Levels to gaining medical work experience. GCSE Results Year 11 is a stressful year. You’re probably thinking about the daunting idea of a long summer of exams…

Win an Online Interview Course

WIN an Online Interview Course!

2nd November 2017

It’s competition time! We’re running three competitions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to give three lucky winners free access to our brand new Online Interview Course – worth £120! What is the Online Interview Course? Written by qualified doctors and education experts, our Online Interview Course is brand new for 2017-18 and includes 10 expert…


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