How To Structure Your Dentistry Personal Statement

10th July 2020

    Personal statements are often used by admissions tutors in differentiating between candidates in different stages of the admissions process, therefore your personal statement can be a crucial factor in the admission team’s decision. It can be hard to include all the points you want to make within 47 lines (or 4000 characters), but…

Young handsome man at the dentist office.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Studying Dentistry

26th September 2017

After completing your work experience and researching dental schools, it is likely that you’ll have an idea of what studying dentistry is like. However, this guide will reveal five things you didn’t know about studying dentistry, as told by current dental student Joelle! 1. Studying dentistry is a full time job Heading into dentistry, you…

Dentistry Personal Statement 5 Tips

Dentistry Personal Statement: 5 Tips

28th August 2017

Writing an essay about yourself and your experience can seem like a daunting task. It’s difficult to put into words why dentistry admission teams should pick you over other candidates. This guide will help you prepare to write your personal statement and make sure that you put your time to good use. You can also…


Didn’t Meet Your Dentistry Offer? Next Steps

18th August 2017

Results day can be an emotional rollercoaster, and it can be incredibly disheartening to miss the grades you needed for your offer. However, this doesn’t mean your chance of being a dentist is over – there are many different paths to dentistry. This blog will guide you through your options if you have missed your…

5 Things to Know Before Dentistry Work Experience

5 Things to Know Before Starting Dentistry Work Experience

10th August 2017

Is dentistry the right career path for you? Dentistry work experience is the best way to find out! Whichever form of dentistry you’ll be observing, this guide will fill you in with everything you need to know to make the most out of your work experience. 1. Keep a journal of your experience Often a…

Dentistry work experience

How to Find Dentistry Work Experience: Top Tips

24th May 2017

Chances are, the exposure you’ve had to a career in dentistry is based on the experiences you’ve had when you’ve visited the dentist. Or perhaps you know someone who works in dentistry and have discussed it as a career with them? Either way, the single best way to decide if a career in dentistry is…

NHS Dental Contract

NHS Dental Contract: An Interview Guide

8th February 2017

The current NHS dental contract was implemented in England in 2006. The contracts involve working towards activity targets known as units of dental activity (UDAs). The current contract has a focus on rewarding dentists for meeting government targets for treatments. This reflects the issues faced by the UK when the contracts were drawn up as…

Dental Technology

Dental Technology: an Interview Guide

30th January 2017

Dentistry is constantly evolving and there are new technologies being developed that are being implemented in dentistry. During your interview they may ask you something relating to your thoughts on dental technologies or if you have heard of any advances in dentistry. This guide will give you all you need to know to answer a…

Dentistry personal statement

Dental Amalgam: An Interview Guide

19th January 2017

A hot topic in dentistry over the past decade in the UK has been whether or not to eliminate the use of amalgam. Amalgam is an alloy containing mercury and a mixture of metals that is routinely used as a filling material. Amalgam has been used for the past 150 years in dentistry. It has…


Dentistry: Ethical Scenarios

30th November 2016

During your dentistry interview you may be asked to discuss an ethical scenario. Although it may seem like a daunting task, this page will guide you through how to approach these questions as well as giving you some examples of questions you may encounter. How should I approach Dentistry Ethical Scenarios? Start by outlining and…


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