What is cosmetic dentistry? Find out here!

Cosmetic Dentistry 101

12th October 2016

What does cosmetic dentistry entail? How do you go into it from studying Dentistry? Find out all this & more in our expert blog today!

5 Things To Know Before Applying to Dental School

5th October 2016

Applying to Dental School? Check out our top 5 things you should know before you set foot on your campus, and get ready for some Dentistry success!

NHS Dentistry: 5 things you should know

NHS Dentistry: 5 Things You Should Know

8th September 2016

What is NHS Dentistry? Who pays for it? How does it work? Find out all this and more in our blog & get ready to impress those admissions tutors!

NHS vs private dentistry - whitenening

NHS Vs Private Dentistry

7th September 2016

What to know the difference between NHS vs private dentistry? Find out all you need and more in this blog, and get ready to get into Dental School!

How to choose the right Dental School for you

Tips on Choosing a Dental School

12th August 2016

How does an aspiring dentist go about choosing a Dental School? Find out in this blog & read our step-by-step advice on how to find the perfect one!

Dentistry personal statement

Treating Your First Dentistry Patient

3rd August 2016

Want to know what it's like to study Dentistry? Then read this student blog & learn how to prepare for meeting and treating your first real patient!

Get ahead with our top Dentistry reading list!

Dentistry Reading List

6th July 2016

Applying to dentistry but not sure where to look for extra reading? Here are four dentistry books to strengthen your application.

What are Dentistry courses really like? Find out here!

Dentistry Courses: Meeting Your First Dental Patient

1st June 2016

At some point during all Dentistry courses in the UK, you'll come across your first patient. In this blog, we outline how to prepare and how to not to fail!

Relax and enjoy your Dentistry gap year

What To Do On Your Gap Year

13th April 2016

Rejected from Dentistry and don't know what to do? Get some gap year work experience, travel, boost your application and reapply to university!

Boost your application on your Dentistry gap year!

Rejected from Dentistry?

6th April 2016

Rejected from Dentistry? Take a Dentistry gap year! Read our top three tips from our KCL student blogger and learn how to reapply and get offers!


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