Seven Day NHS and Dentistry: an interview guide

23rd November 2016

During Dentistry interviews, they may choose to ask you about current affairs relating to dentistry and the NHS. One of the biggest changes in the past year has been the new contract development that affects not only junior doctors but also trainee hospital dentists. February 2016 saw the first time that the British Dental Association…

What is cosmetic dentistry? Find out here!

Cosmetic Dentistry 101

12th October 2016

With the rise of cosmetic dentistry has come the introduction of many new techniques and procedures. Cosmetic dentistry otherwise known as aesthetic dentistry involves changing the appearance of teeth. This guide will give you an overview of what is involved in cosmetic dentistry and what training is required of dentists for them to become a…

5 Things To Know Before Applying to Dental School

5th October 2016

Applying to Dental School is a struggle in itself, but starting dental school is a whole different matter. Studying dentistry is a unique experience and the Medic Portal is here to help. This guide will give you five things to help you prepare for starting dental school. 1) Plan Your Time Carefully When studying dentistry…

NHS Dentistry: 5 things you should know

NHS Dentistry: 5 Things You Should Know

8th September 2016

Understanding how Dentistry works in the NHS can be extremely confusing. However, fear not as The Medic Portal is here to give you the information you need to understand NHS Dentistry and help you to ace any question that comes up in your Dentistry interview asking about the current NHS Dentistry system. 1) What is…

NHS vs private dentistry - whitenening

NHS Vs Private Dentistry

7th September 2016

Whilst the majority of patients visiting their dentist will pay a contribution to their treatment, private dentistry usually comes with a heftier price tag. So how are they different? Well the differences between private and NHS dentistry are not always clear cut but this guide will give you an overview of some of the main…

How to choose the right Dental School for you

Tips on Choosing a Dental School

12th August 2016

When it comes to applying to Dentistry one of the hardest decisions to make is which four Universities you will choose to apply to. The Medic Portal is here to help and give you some key points to consider to make sure that you choose the perfect dental school for you. Course Length One of…

Dentistry personal statement

Treating Your First Dentistry Patient

3rd August 2016

Having spent the previous week recapping and revising all that I had learnt so far studying Dentistry the day came to treat my first patient. A hurdle that every Dentist has to get through, preparing for the encounter had not left me any less nervous. Better early than never I arrived to clinic an hour…

Get ahead with our top Dentistry reading list!

Dentistry Reading List

6th July 2016

Chances are when applying to Dentistry you will want to know more about the vast subject, but where do you start? Luckily, I’m coming to the rescue by providing you with four books to add to your Dentistry reading list to strengthen your application. A great time to get started with your reading list is over the summer…

What are Dentistry courses really like? Find out here!

Dentistry Courses: Meeting Your First Dental Patient

1st June 2016

Most patients are naturally anxious when they go to see the Dentist, we aren’t the most liked of professions and it’s certainly not unusual to hear horror stories involving trips to the Dentist. But, what happens when the Dentist is scared of their patient? This is certainly the case for me as next week I…

Relax and enjoy your Dentistry gap year

What To Do On Your Gap Year

13th April 2016

If you’ve received four rejections for your Dentistry application you’re probably wondering what to do with your time! Fear not, as this guide will give you some inspiration for your year ahead. So, get ready some insider tips on what admissions tutors love to see students doing during their gap years and some advice to…


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