6th July 2016
A great time to get started with your reading list is over the summer prior to your application period to give you inspiration for your personal statements. It is also worth doing some reading before interviews so that you can show off your knowledge of the subject.

The Top Dentistry Reading List for a Successful Dentistry Application

1. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry – Laura Mitchell and David A. Mitchell

This is a concise handbook that outlines all the essential aspects of dentistry that is needed for clinical practice. The book is written in an easy to understand style and covers a range of specialities within dentistry.

It is worth reading to gain an insight into dentistry as a profession as it covers key skills such as professionalism, communication as well as law and ethics. Key areas that are useful to know are dental materials, preventative and community dentistry.

2. The British Dental Journal

The British Dental Journal (BDJ) is a peer review journal relating to all aspects of dentistry. It includes current issues in dentistry and the latest advancements in the field.

Some articles may be heavy in technical knowledge so try to focus on the news, summaries and practice sections. Aim to get an overall view of the issues affecting dentistry currently and a few areas of research as these are useful to discuss at interview.

3. Delivering Better Oral Health: An Evidence-Based Toolkit for Prevention – Public Health England

This document is a guide that Public Health England put together from a variety of research relating to aspects that impact oral health in patients.

Sometimes when thinking about dentistry it is easy just to focus on filling teeth or applying braces but really there are many simple changes that patients can be encouraged to make to change their overall oral health. For example, the guide outlines the benefits of fluoridation and at what concentration it is required.

In addition to this, the impact of a high sugar diet is discussed along with how alcohol impacts oral health. All of these make great discussion topics for interviews as well as thoughts to consider in a personal statement.

4. “Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery” – James R. Hupp, Myron R. Tucker, and Edward Ellis III

The textbook provides an extensive overview of oral and maxillofacial surgery, one of the most critical specialties within dentistry. It covers a wide range of topics from basic surgical principles to specific surgical techniques, making it a thorough preparatory resource for students.

It teaches essential surgical skills that are fundamental to the practice of dentistry, especially for those interested in specializing in surgical procedures. It includes detailed discussions on diagnosis, treatment planning, and various surgical procedures, including extractions, implants, and trauma surgery.

4. The Medic Portal Weekly News Summary

At the start of every week The Medic Portal uploads a summary of the key news stories relating to health and medicine. To access these pieces, visit the blogs page of the website and filter by ‘Medical News’.

With every dentistry application it is vital to keep up to date with the news and what is impacting health care. Interviewers will often ask you to discuss something you have read in the news that could impact dentistry. Rather than reading multiple news sites all of the key information can be found once a week over on the weekly News Summary blog.

The overall idea is to get an overview of dentistry as a career, gain some knowledge of the main concepts and understand what skills are needed of a dentist. Try not to get stuck in the technical aspects as these will be taught at dental School.


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