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How to choose the right Dental School for you
How to choose the right Dental School for you

When it comes to applying to Dentistry one of the hardest decisions to make is which four Universities you will choose to apply to. The Medic Portal is here to help and give you some key points to consider to make sure that you choose the perfect dental school for you.

Course Length

One of the main deciding factors as to which course you will apply for will depend on which A Levels you have taken and if you have a degree or not. Applicants who have good A Level grades in non-science subjects need to apply to a 6 year course, BDS with Foundation Year. These courses are available are Cardiff, Dundee and Manchester. Graduates with a relevant degree can study Dentistry in 4 years at universities such as King’s College London, UCLAN, Liverpool and Aberdeen.

Course Structure

Although problem based learning (PBL) is used to a much lesser extent in Dentistry than Medicine, some Universities such as Queen Mary University of London do have some PBL elements to their course.  Learn more about PBL over at The Medic Portal guide. Universities will have varying degrees of emphasis on patient interaction so it is worth checking this with Universities prior to applying if it is something that is important to you.

University League Tables

League tables are updated every year so it is worth taking into account the most recent university league table results. This ranks universities on entry standards, student satisfaction, research quality and graduate prospects. This is useful to see whether students have enjoyed their time at a certain university and also to determine the entry standards to those applying to a university.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for the average Dentistry course are around AAA at A Level or above and containing Chemistry alongside another lab-based science. With this in mind it is vital to focus on achieving the required A Levels above anything else. Universities place different importance on entry exams such as the UKCAT and work experience so it is worth researching this and matching your choices accordingly. For example, Liverpool University require evidence of work experience relating to Dentistry and healthcare.

Patient Demographic and Area

Something to consider when applying to University is the area you will be living in and the type of patients you will be treating. Areas such as London may have higher living costs but a diverse patient demographic. Those universities placed in areas of lower income might have more public health issues so it can be helpful to reflect on these differences. Also, five years is a long time to be studying so it is important that you enjoy the area you live in.

Hopefully this guide has given you some key points to consider for picking the right Dental School for you. If you require any further information head over to The Medic Portal’s Dentistry guide.

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