Published on 25th September 2015 by Site Editor

Dentistry can be a very rewarding, hands on, patient focused career. However, it also comes with its own challenges such as dealing with workplace stress, communicating effectively with patients and managing treatment plans for complex cases. Studying Dentistry allows you to combine academic knowledge with developing manual dexterity skills.

If you haven’t thought of studying Dentistry, here are seven reasons why you should consider Dentistry:


1) Variety

Being a Dentist allows you to apply your knowledge practically to be able to help patients with a range of disorders. This can be from simple caries to detecting oral cancer or treating abscesses. This gives Dentistry variety and it is certainly not a career that is dull.

2) Flexibility and Career Options

Studying Dentistry gives you great flexibility over your work life. After graduating you can decide to either go on and specialise, work as a general dental practitioner, manage your own practice or work dental research.

3) Teamwork

As a Dentist you get to work as a team on a daily basis. You learn to form good working relationships with a range of professionals such as dental nurses, consultants from different specialities, dental therapists and dental hygienists.

4) Life Long Learning

Dentistry allows you to develop a skill set throughout your working life. During University you will learn the basic skills to treat patients, however, throughout your career through continual professional development you can further develop these skills.

5) Surgical Opportunities

Those who are interested in surgery can go on to become a maxillofacial surgeon. This requires the further completion of a Medical degree however, maxillofacial surgery is an extremely interesting field which deals with all surgery of the head, neck face and jaws.

6) Problem Solving Skills

Quite often Dentistry involves applying your problem solving skills. Those who enjoy putting together the pieces of a puzzle will appreciate the complexity of Dentistry. Although Dentists are primarily treating a patients teeth and gums this often involves helping a patient improve diet, oral hygiene and lifestyle choices.

7) Job Satisfaction

An article published in the British Dental Journal showed that job satisfaction as high amongst Dentists. Being able to alleviate patients of pain, improve the aesthetics of their teeth or improve their oral health is extremely satisfying.


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