BMAT 2020: Testing Moves Online

24th September 2020

  The BMAT examination on the 4th of November 2020 is going to be taken digitally – here’s how you will be affected. Looking for strategies to score highly? Our popular one-day course is now streamed live online! What has changed? BMAT will be sat on online, rather than with pen and paper as it…

Medical Schools Interviews Are Moving Online

18th September 2020

  With social distancing measures in place due to COVID-19, you’re likely to find your medical school interview takes place digitally. Most medical schools use MMIs during the interview stage. As face-to-face MMIs do not allow for adequate social distancing, these are also likely to go ‘virtual’. In fact, some medical schools are already making…

Why You Should Study Medicine in the Caribbean – 3 Case Studies

16th September 2020

Sponsored content   Have you considered studying Medicine in the Caribbean? It can be a big step to take and you might therefore have some questions about what to consider before making a decision. We caught up with graduates from Saba University School of Medicine, the Medical University of the Americas and St. Matthew’s University,…

Teacher Advice: BSMS Admissions Tutor on Personal Statements

14th September 2020

Personal Statement advice for teachers, from Brighton and Sussex Medical School Admissions Tutor, Darren Beaney The personal statement is a major part of any application to medicine and should be approached with a great deal of thought and planning. Here’s what teachers need to know in order to support any aspiring medics in their classroom….

Teacher Q&A: Rebecca Lane

Rebecca Lane, a Biology teacher at HASG, shares her experience guiding aspiring medics. Please can you tell us a bit about yourself and your teaching experience? My name is Rebecca Lane and I have been teaching Biology at HASG (Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls) for 12 years. This is my second year as Teacher in…

How to Choose a Medical School for Graduate Entry Medicine

8th September 2020

  It can be hard to choose the right place to apply for Graduate Entry Medicine. There are currently 14 universities that offer this type of course – but you can only apply to four. So how do you choose a Medical School if you want to study Medicine as a graduate? Do you need…

BMAT Section 1: Top 4 Tips

27th August 2020

  The BMAT is increasingly becoming used to differentiate between pupils at medical school, so it is essential that you prepare well to score highly! Section 1 of the BMAT, the Aptitude and Skills section, consists of 35 multiple choice questions in 60 minutes. This blog runs through some key points to help you ace…

3 Things After BMAT

Your 3 Next Steps After BMAT

Congratulations – your BMAT is over and done with! Unfortunately, this year’s challenges are only just beginning. Applying to medical school is like a marathon, and you need perseverance and resilience to get through! However, with the right preparation and organisation, you can navigate this year successfully. In this blog, I will discuss the three…

5 BMAT Preparation Tips

5 BMAT Preparation Tips

  How is your BMAT preparation going?  Here are some great pointers to keep in mind going ahead so you can go into your exam feeling as confident as possible.  Looking for strategies to score highly? Our popular one-day course is now streamed live online! 1. Do past papers It’s very important to know the…

6 BMAT Tips to Score Highly

  Not sure how to begin your BMAT preparation? Those of you who have chosen to sit the BMAT will already be aware that it is quite different to the UCAT. It consists of three sections: Aptitude, Scientific Knowledge and the essay. As you will have already gathered, the different sections will all require different…


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