Warwick Medicine Interview Tips

Warwick - Med School Interview Tips

Got a Graduate Entry interview at Warwick and not sure how to prepare? We’ve compiled some top tips to impress your interviewers here…

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1. Know what Warwick are looking for

Warwick have six different MMI stations and expect your overall interview session to last about two hours. The assessors for the MMIs may be medical professionals, academics and lay people with an interest in medical education.

The attributes that Warwick are looking for at interview include:

Before your interview, try thinking of how you could demonstrate all of the above qualities.

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2. Make sure you have the appropriate work experience

Warwick expect a minimum of 70 hours work experience in the two years before you apply. This work experience can be in many different forms – such as volunteering in a hospital or volunteering in a care home – but make sure you have appropriate experience for this length of time.

If shortlisted, Warwick ask for full details on any placements and verification of them so ensure you can provide this. Also, be prepared to reflect on the work experience you have done – it can be useful to keep a journal when you are doing work experience which you can then look back on, so you don’t forget any details.

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3. Ensure you have everything you need on the day

On the day of your interview Warwick require you to bring original copies of work experience verification. This verification must be on official letter headed paper of where you did any work experience.

This can sometimes take a while to get sorted so I would strongly advise contacting any organisations for this well in advance of your interview or ask for it at the time of your work experience. Also, check your letter/email from Warwick confirming your interview, to check there is nothing else you need to bring with you.

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4. Research the course at Warwick

Many medicine interviews involve questions about the course, so it is important you know details about the course and university you have applied to.

Warwick run a 4-year programme which involves case-based learning, lectures, clinical skills and small group sessions. They also offer early clinical experience so think about how this is advantageous to you and your suitability for the course at Warwick.

Words: Rachael Foulsham

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