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We’re proud of The Medic Portal reviews and we care what people say about us. Have a browse of the reviews below and see what parents and students have to say about our courses, tutoring and online education tools!

"We've just had a really well presented lesson on preparing for BMAT. Tristan was engaging and knowledgeable and kept all the students on board - really important as they were giving up their own time to be here and it was effectively their first day back. In addition, his demeanour really encouraged the students to participate. I'm really pleased with how the session went." Paul Barlow, Partnership Manager, Mossbourne Federation 

"The UCAT training day allowed me to develop crucial skills and time-efficient techniques, needed to tackle all five sections of the UCAT exam. Working through questions with our mentor, in real-time, meant that we were able to identify common mistakes and see improvements in our own ability to answer the questions. Our mentor provided relevant and concise delivery which ensured that we were able to develop our critical thinking and compression skills; applying systematic methods to the questions that got us results. The training day allowed me to gain confidence in what initially seemed a daunting exam and being familiar with the test format meant that there were no surprises on the day. I highly recommend this course to anyone who will be doing the UCAT exam." AS, bursary student from Shoreham Academy

"Having attended an interview preparation course with The Medic Portal, I have no doubt that my success in the admissions process is largely due to their guidance. The team were always engaging and encouraging, and I left feeling more confident in my abilities. Their brilliant attention to detail resulted in a thorough preparation that left me ready to answer any question posed, whilst their resources provided information that proved useful in each of my interviews. I would highly recommend The Medic Portal to anybody applying for medicine at university." Rishil, undergrad applicant from Merchant Taylors' School

"Chris and the team did a marvellous job at preparing me at short notice for my graduate programme medical school interviews. I have since been lucky to receive an offer from Cambridge, and their tutoring really helped me tackle some of the complex questions I was asked." Sophie, Graduate Entry Medicine at Cambridge

St Marylebone Girls' School

"I got offers from both Imperial and Liverpool!!!!!! The course prepared me extremely well and meant that I found both interviews a lot easier than I had anticipated them to be. I really cannot thank you enough for all of your help and support - it genuinely improved my performance at interview, enormously." Nora, undergrad applicant from St Marylebone Girls' School

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"My daughter was very happy with the MMI Practice. She found it useful, informative and very practical. Everything seemed to be very professionally organised. Helpful and well experienced staff. It's worth every single penny paid. I do highly recommend it to others. I cannot really thank you enough. It was an absolute treasure." Lubna, parent, Acton High School

Singaporean flag

"My daughter has gone through the complete training package offered by The Medic Portal, including UKCAT, BMAT and interview. And she landed three offers – from Imperial, Bristol and St George’s University of London. International applications are notoriously competitive, so the result speaks for itself!" Eric, parent, Singapore

"As a mature student, re-visiting the UCAS process for Medicine can be a daunting prospect. The Medic Portal provides a wonderful range of services that will help to guide you through the application process - from deciding which universities are right for you, what you will need to prepare for and how to adapt your skills and knowledge to the Multi-Mini Interview process. I'm certain that the MMI course in particular was essential in helping me to perform to the best of my ability on interview day." James, GEM applicant

King's College London Crest

"The Medic portal has helped me immensely in preparation for my interviews. I found the MMI circuit training particularly useful, as it was like the real interviews and the feedback the staff provided was very detailed and helped me in identifying my weak areas. Also, quite a few of the questions I practised with you came up in my actual interviews. I am sure the training and course I attended with you helped me in getting 2 offers from Liverpool and Swansea (GEM). Thank you so much." Steve, BSc Neuroscience, GEM applicant

Queen's University Belfast Crest

"I got an offer from Queen's University. Thank you for all your support and help, I found the tutoring particularly useful!" Melinda, undergrad applicant

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"I'm really pleased to let you know that I was offered a spot to study Medicine at UCLAN. The MMI went really well, and I just wanted to thank you and The Medic Portal for all the invaluable tips and advice provided." Joel, undergrad applicant & tutoring purchaser

"I am so pleased to say that yesterday I received an offer to study Medicine at Keele University! Thank you so much for all the time you put aside to help me prepare for my interview. Thank you for helping me to get one step closer to my dream of becoming a doctor, I really appreciate it." Ashrah, undergrad applicant & tutoring purchaser

Buckingham Logo

"I wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me in preparation for entering medical school. I have now received two offers for Medicine at both Lancaster and Buckingham." Valentina, undergrad applicant & tutoring purchaser

"I got an offer for the Graduate Entry Medicine course at University of Nottingham last week! I am so so happy and please and wanted to say thank you... I'm absolutely over the moon!" Kate, GEM applicant

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"I got an offer with Imperial and I just wanted to thank you for your tips." Htet, undergrad applicant

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"I'm 100% sure that the MMI session we had in December helped with my interviews - thank you for giving me constructive feedback and boosting my confidence. I really appreciate it!" Samir, successful GEM applicant to Warwick

Nottingham University logo for UK, China & Malaysia

"Overall, I was really pleased and quite surprised at how much I valued the interview practice ... I was not expecting such a positive experience as I felt it was. So thank you very much and I hope you keep doing it for others too!" Kate, successful GEM applicant to Warick

"The course was amazing. The best course I have ever been to in my life. It was so relevant, interactive... and just a great kick-start to the UKCAT preparation. The speaker was so encouraging and spoke very well. Easy to understand." Imoru, UKCAT Course attendee


"In January, I went to one of your Medical School Interview Courses in London... I got an offer from St George's. Thank you very much for your help!" Sophia, Interview Course attendee


"I attended my interview at St. Georges yesterday and your help has been invaluable. Whilst I was being interviewed I felt a lot more confident than I was before and felt that I was able to answer every question to a good standard. I felt, overall, the interview went really well. The interview actually went so well that I was offered a place 40 minutes after I left my MMI, even though they are interviewing until Monday! I am so happy that I was able to secure a place and couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much for being able to accommodate me in such a short notice and help me to succeed in my interview and more importantly my first steps to a career I crave! " MMI tutoring purchaser

"My daughter wanted to say a massive thank you. She did her UKCAT yesterday and said she would not have done as well had she not done your course. Her results were: Verbal reasoning- 610 Quantitative reasoning- 850 Abstract reasoning- 750 Situational judgement- band 1 She shall be booking her MMI Practice Circuit now!" Parent of UKCAT Course attendee

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"Just wanted to say thank you for giving me that advice about actually using my background to show my enthusiasm for medicine. It worked really well, my 3 interviews turned to 3 offers for graduate entry which was amazing! I've chosen Swansea university, declining St Georges and Nottingham. Thanks again!" Latif, Medical School Interview Training

"I took part on the course preparing me for the UKCAT and I wanted to say a huge thank you for your help! My test was a couple of weeks ago and I got 1960 which I'm honestly pretty happy with. I also got Band 1 in Situational Judgement, so thank you for staying behind an extra 30 minutes to help me."

Marlene, UKCAT Private Tutoring Attendee

"Last month I completed my UKCAT  and I just wanted to thank Afra and everyone at The Medic Portal for helping me improve my score so that I was much more prepared for the UKCAT than I would have been before without the tuition. She was an amazing tutor for me, very calm and helped me to identify my errors when I was getting very flustered towards the test date. She was also very good at reminding me about the areas I was good at to help boost my confidence, and other top tips like doing GCSE Maths papers really helped on the day. Would definitely recommend her as a tutor for other students." Amina, UKCAT Private Tutoring Attendee

"I am a prospective dental student and I had an hour of Dentistry tuition with Alessandra and, after receiving Dentistry tuition from other companies, I personally find your tutors to be the best. Thank you for your time and your carefulness when selecting applicants as tutors for The Medic Portal. The tutor I had was truly insightful, helpful, resourceful, polite and very knowledgeable." Hiba, Dentistry Private Tutoring Attendee

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"Anya has done very well (much beyond our expectations)! She has an A*AA offer from UCL ( tough!) and another one from Nottingham AAA. Still waiting to hear from Newcastle. It goes without saying they you were an integral part of the process and she benefitted enormously from her time with you." Apu, parent, Godolphin & Latymer

“I found The Medic Portal's interview course extremely useful, informative and engaging. We were given an important insight into what admission tutors were looking for and the chance to practise with other students really boosted my confidence! I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in pursuing a career in medicine or entering a related profession.” Beatrix, Badminton School, received offer from Oxford

"I found the structure of Afra's tutoring very thoughtful and effective. By working on the questions first, and then doing them in real time as a mock interview, provided me with a very clear image of what the interview will be like. In addition, giving me feedback on the things I needed to improve on each question, as well as sending me a document at the end of the session with all the things she noted down that I needed to work on, was of great help. Thank you!" Dimitris, Interview Tutoring Attendee

"I've been meaning to thank you for all your tutoring and advice as I felt extremely prepared in the interviews and I know that wouldn't have been the case if it wasn't for your help. I just received an email from Cardiff recently saying I've been accepted! I'm over the moon - I definitely have you and all at The Medic Portal to thank for the success!" Elsa, Interview Tutoring Attendee

"Afra did a great job tutoring me and I am so grateful - she went above and beyond to help me." Debbie, Interview Tutoring Attendee

"I attended a UKCAT Course in London and my UKCAT practice scores before the course and after the course skyrocketed from 580 Band 2 to my actual exam of 730 Band 1, so I have to say a formal thank you. You guys are amazing!" Tom, UKCAT Course Attendee

"Both the UKCAT and BMAT courses enabled me to understand the tests better, as the tutor took the group through each individual section, demonstrating all the different question types, as well as opening my eyes to common pitfalls and how they can best be avoided. Not only did these courses massively boost my knowledge of the basic structure, but they also set me up with efficient ways to practice my technique going forward. I found my tutoring with Afra to be of the highest calibre, and a very efficient use of my time, as we were able to tailor the session to my specific needs, and I was able to contact her via email if I had any further questions, a friendly personal touch. Although an hour may seem short, Afra’s expertise was apparent from the word go, and, thanks to her priceless advice, I was able to secure a place at one of my top choices." Jasmine, UKCAT Course, BMAT Course and Interview Tutoring Attendee  

"Thank you for all the help with the Graduate Entry Medicine interviews. As well as Cambridge I got two more offers from Southampton and St. George's." Sophie, Graduate Entry Medicine Tutoring Attendee

"Both Dr Kubo and Dr Nordstrom took me through some key skills and really helped settle my nerves. In no small part thanks to you both, I today received an unconditional offer to the University of Nottingham. Having that time with you really helped nail my nerves and improve my structured answers. I even got to the point where I enjoyed the interview experience! Which as you can imagine is a total shock - I could barely string a sentence together before our session. Thank you so very much. I'm so grateful for your help." Emma, Interview Tutoring Attendee

"The service that you provide at The Medic Portal is second to none and I know that without it, my brother and I would not have secured offers from medical schools." 2017 Applicant

"I came to your MMI Circuit and I'm now happily awaiting the start of my graduate medicine course at Nottingham in a few months. Thanks for the confidence and clarity. You helped me to lay a strong foundation for practice at home in the ensuing weeks and months. You do a great job and I've recommended you to as many medicine hopefuls as I can and will continue to do so in the future." Simon, MMI Circuit Attendee

"I now have an unconditional place for medicine at UCL! Just want to thank you for all your help throughout the process, I will certainly be recommending The Medic Portal in the future to any aspiring medical students that I know." Tara, Tutoring Attendee

“I thought that the course was very useful and informative. The tutor gave us a lot of tips and helped us understand how to answer the questions in a quick and efficient way.” UKCAT Course Attendee, Epsom College

“I found the course very helpful - I wasn't expecting the exam to be at all like that and it really helped me understand the question timing because you don't get to see that with a book.” UKCAT Course Attendee, Epsom College

"I would just like to say how good I thought the UKCAT Course was. I would definitely recommend it and I think that the way it was clearly structured in the book, as well as having the questions with our own response card, made it all extremely beneficial." UKCAT Course Attendee

"As an international student applying for undergraduate medicine, I was a bit anxious applying in the UK because I kept hearing stories of how hard it was to achieve an offer. Fortunately, I found The Medic Portal website and booked some Skype tutoring sessions for the UKCAT and also purchased their UKCAT book. I found them to be incredibly useful and was able to achieve a score in the top 15% of candidates for that year. Later on, when it was time for me to visit the UK for my MMIs, The Medic Portal assisted me once again with their MMI practice sessions. I found them particularly useful for the preparation of the infamously difficult acting stations and this certainly boosted my confidence going in. I also enjoyed their articles about current medical news and found them quite handy as well during some stations. In the end, I was incredibly fortunate to receive all four offers for medicine. I cannot thank the tutors at The Medic Portal enough for their support and commitment!" Alexi, International Applicant

"I'd just like to say that your website is superb - as a prospective GEM student, the resource is invaluable. Thank you so much for setting this up." Neil, prospective Graduate Entry Medicine student

"Last year my son did not achieve the expected three As by one grade. He decided to take a year out, got a job as a receptionist at a doctor's surgery, re-sat his UKCAT, went through interviews, was given two conditional offers - and this year he achieved an A* in his Chemistry exam. The Medic Portal was invaluable in giving advice and support when his confidence and resilience were at times very low. I'm sharing this with you in order to say to all students that when things seem bleak, be resilient, work hard and follow The Medic Portal!" Caren, Parent

"When it comes to getting a place at medical school I can suggest no better resource than The Medic Portal. The sessions with the tutors are incredibly well planned and thought out. They provide you with tips and advice that not only vastly increase your confidence, but also leave you a much more informed person, ready to face the toughest of questions. I came to TMP with several upcoming interviews and turned each one of them into an offer! Without question, the support given was critical to achieving this. To any prospective medical students, I cannot recommend this enough!” Fauzi, Tutoring Attendee

"I just wanted to say I am really grateful for your UKCAT Question Bank! I did my UKCAT today and I got average of 705 with Band 1 in Situational Judgement (640 Verbal Reasoning, 660 Decision Making, 690 Abstract Reasoning, 830 Quantitative Reasoning). I am absolutely over the moon with this, particularly Quantitative Reasoning as I really struggled with this but after using your questions and explanations, I really understood it. Your platform has been absolutely amazing." Ellen, UKCAT Question Bank user

"You were very reassuring when I rang and the process was incredibly efficient. Patrick was very kind and extremely helpful." Emma, Parent of UKCAT Tutoring Attendee

"Thanks for your help, both Chris and Marie really turned around my UKCAT preparation - I went from finding it utterly impossible to scoring in the top 10% of the interim results!" Portia (UKCAT Tutoring Attendee)

"The complete package from The Medic Portal has been very useful for me. I managed to get 4 offers (from Imperial College, Kings College, University of Birmingham and St. George's). I found the one-to-one interview preparation, MMI Mock interview and Personal Statement review particularly useful. My tutor has been a great support throughout the process, especially in helping us make the right choices for universities. I would highly recommend the complete package to anyone looking to apply for Medicine. Thank you so much." Hamza, Medicine Applicant

"Thank you for the help during the interview prep for Buckingham. I got an offer and I will be starting my medical studies in January 2018. Once again, thank you very much! I could not have done without you!" Laiz, Medical School Applicant

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. I learned a lot from the course and found the way in which you suggested techniques really fun and engaging - which stopped me falling asleep on the first day back! Today all of us were saying how useful the day was and how you were so good at teaching and interaction!" Rebecca, Interview Course Attendee

"Just wanted to let you know I heard back from Cambridge today, and I got an offer to study at Hughes Hall! I am elated! Thank you so much for your help!" Adaora, Graduate Entry Applicant

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend the healthcare insight day. I found it exceptionally helpful and really gained a greater insight into the healthcare application processes. I particularly found the personal statement section very useful as it gave me a great starting point for writing my own. Doctor Nordstrom delivered a great presentation and also answered all the questions that I had." Student, Berkhamstead School

“I just wanted to thank Daniel once again for helping me with my interview prep for the University of Brighton. I felt my interview went well and that he was a huge help in making it a good interview day overall! I did not expect to hear back until March but I have been given an unconditional offer to study medicine at Brighton and Sussex Medical School!" Meg, Interview Tutoring

"I just wanted to let you know I’ve used The Medic Portal’s free resources (interview questions, UKCAT question bank, hot topics blogs) religiously since the summer of Year 12, and I’m finally in the position of having heard back from all my universities - I have had offers from all 4 undergraduate medicine courses I applied to, in my first application cycle! I think especially my success at interview really is down to The Medic Portal, so I wanted to say thanks!" Elinor, Medicine Applicant

"I got an offer from Bristol - the tutoring really paid off! Thanks so much for your guidance. My family and friends are all thrilled, I still can’t believe it!" Interview Tutoring Attendee

"I did the MMI Circuit earlier this year. I just want to say THANK YOU! It was an immensely useful experience. I had two interviews and have two offers - I will be starting at KCL this September!" Ru, MMI Circuit attendee

"I went through the complete training package offered by The Medic Portal and I have them to thank for my success in the admissions process. Being such a daunting process, I couldn't have felt more supported and prepared. The constructive feedback recieved at the MMI Circuit was great and I found that the circuit calmed my nerves tremendously and made me feel more confident in my own abilities. I found the booklet of information they provided was particularly useful and proved incredibly useful at all my interviews. I would like to thank everyone at The Medic Portal, in particular Daniel for his constant support throughout. He made sure I felt prepared at every stage of the process and was always happy to give extra help if I needed. He has an organised approach and was always informed about the topics we were going through. I would thoroughly recommend him as a tutor. He went above and beyond to help me and I can't thank him enough.

I recently accepted my offer from Bristol Medical School and I'm so excited to start!" Cecilia, Medicine Applicant

"I made full use of all of The Medic Portal resources throughout the application process and can honestly say it was invaluable. Tutoring with Daniel opened my eyes to my strengths and weaknesses and improved both my confidence and my knowledge, leaving me feeling ready for my interviews. I ended up getting all 4 offers and so can happily say that I cannot recommend this more highly and am so thankful to The Medic Portal and Daniel for all the help." Joanna, received offers from Newcastle, Cardiff, Leeds and Manchester  

"Fantastic presentation, energetic and so much information was given. Very engaging speaker, would go to see him again" "Chris was great - kept us all thoroughly engaged for two 40-minute talks, which is impressive!" "Best talk of the day" Attendees from the Royal Society of Medicine's '2018 Medical Careers: The Advisors' Perspective' day

"Daniel has been really helpful while preparing for interviews. The most daunting part of medical school interviews is the uncertainty regarding topics that may come up, I felt that Daniel gave me the tools and assurance necessary to deal with tricky interview questions especially those which focus on my personal qualities. These questions felt quite awkward at the beginning, however Daniel was very friendly so it didn't take me long to feel comfortable with answering these questions and develop confidence for interviews. In detailed comments after practising questions, Daniel pointed out my strengths and weakness, which enabled me to work on these details and play on my strengths during interview. He used university specific questions, which meant that I wasn't going into my interviews completely blind, which made me feel a bit more comfortable on the day. Overall, Daniel is an extremely good tutor and I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for help with medical school interviews." Oceana, student with four offers from Imperial, Bristol, Birmingham and Liverpool

"I got into UCL! Thank you for all your effort with my application." Darica, Bespoke Tutoring Student

"Today was extremely useful. Being exposed to many styles of the questions, as well as being shown approaches for them was really useful and makes me feel more prepared starting my revision for the BMAT. Going through the different types of flaws and the strengthening and weakening of arguments has made it seem much more manageable.

I enjoyed how the session was very interactive and how we discussed the essay topics and linked all our medical knowledge together to formulate coherent arguments. From now, I’ll be going over my GCSE content (especially physics) and working on some questions from the BMAT 700 questions book and be listening to the podcasts she recommended.

Having the BMAT training day quite early on was useful in addressing the areas that we need to focus on more."

Student, Roedean School

"I enjoyed working through all the questions and liked that there was a time limit so we know how quickly we have to work in the actual exam. The timing of the day was really useful as it made us realise now how hard it is and how much work we have to do to prepare, as opposed to realising this three months down the line! Going through the physics content helped to identify which topics need more work than others. The help with structuring the essay was invaluable, with a clear structure and timings. I really liked Emma - I thought she led the whole day well and gave us really good resources to look at, both for the BMAT and medicine applications in general." Student, Roedean School


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