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We’re the original MMI Course creators. Our incredibly popular MMI Circuits are attended by thousands of students, year after year.

Emulating an MMI isn’t easy. It can’t be practised at home, or even at school. Our circuits give you the chance to encounter 20 realistic stations, designed by doctors to offer the ultimate MMI simulation.

Due to popular demand, we’re now taking early bird bookings for 2020-21 MMI Circuits.

Should MMIs change due to COVID-19, you can rest assured that we will do the same. Our in-house team is ready to adapt content and delivery, depending on the circumstances.

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Uniquely Placed to Adapt to Change

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) have become a staple of the medical school interview process. Whatever happens, universities are likely to use similar techniques to test interviewees.

However, due to COVID-19, it’s possible some things might change. So, you should know that you can book with confidence when choosing The Medic Portal.

Should MMIs proceed as normal, you will have secured the most popular MMI prep there is.

If medical schools do make changes, or we cannot deliver our circuits safely, we have a full-time team of experienced professionals ready to adapt.

Thanks to our setup, we are perfectly placed to quickly adjust both the content and delivery medium of our courses.

We will ensure that you are prepared, whatever happens.

Why Is Our MMI Prep The Most Popular?

We believe that our MMI Circuits are the most popular way to prepare.

Thousands of students attend, every single year. Demand for places is huge and feedback is glowing.

Here’s why we think students prefer our MMI prep:

  1. We created this MMI preparation format – often imitated, but never bettered
  2. People trust us because we’re experienced, used by schools, full-time and doctor-led
  3. Thousands of students attend our MMIs every year. That many people can’t be wrong!
  4. We get results. Always 5 star-rated on Feefo, with surveys that show students get offers
  5. We’re officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine – the ultimate stamp of approval

Are you ready to join thousands of fellow Medicine applicants?

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Want to combine your MMI simulation with strategy from our 1-day, doctor-delivered Interview Course? Try our Interview & MMI Package.

Still not sure why you should go with us? Check out our Why TMP? page to see what makes us different.

See How Our MMI Circuits Work in 60 Seconds

Watch this video to see how our MMI Courses work – and what students think of them!

“Worth every single penny… an absolute treasure”

“My daughter was very happy with the practice circuit. It’s worth every single penny paid. I do highly recommend it to others. I cannot really thank you enough. It was an absolute treasure.”

Lubna (Parent)

“I did the MMI Circuit earlier this year. I just want to say THANK YOU! It was an immensely useful experience. I had two interviews and have two offers – I will be starting at KCL this September!”

Ru (Attendee)

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What Do You Get At Our MMI Practice Circuits?

Our experienced, doctor-led team knows how MMIs work – and what they test for.

We provide a full-length practice circuit. Each circuit lasts for half a day, so you can book a morning or an afternoon session.

At the circuit, you will:

You will leave with a clear idea of what to expect and how to succeed in your interviews.

What Are The 20 MMI Stations?

Our MMI stations have been carefully designed by doctors to represent those used by medical schools around the country.

They will cover all different types of Multiple Mini Interview stations, including role-plays. We even use professional actors (from TV shows and London theatres) – just like many medical schools do.

You will tackle 10 scenarios yourself, just like a real interview day.

Then, you will double up your learning by observing while your partner faces 10 new scenarios. So, you’ll experience 20 stations in total.

By covering so many questions, you will be much more prepared for the real thing!

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MMI Courses - do a full MMI circuit
MMI Courses – do a full MMI circuit

What Do People Say About Our MMI Courses?

We know our practice circuits and courses are delivered to the highest standards. It’s nice to see that others think so too…

“There was a different interviewer at each station, unlike other companies who might make you see the same interviewer at 3 or 4 different stations. Overall fantastic experience and much better than some other companies I have used.” – Sami 

“I found them particularly useful for the preparation of the infamously difficult acting stations and this certainly boosted my confidence going in […] In the end, I was incredibly fortunate to receive all four offers for medicine. I cannot thank the tutors at The Medic Portal enough for their support and commitment!” – Alexi 

“I’ve gone on to receive an offer from Manchester… I’m certain that this course, in particular, was essential in helping me to perform to the best of my ability on interview day.” – James

Dentistry MMI Circuits

Our Dentistry MMI Circuits are tailored to applying to dental school, including stations on manual dexterity, communication and motivation for studying Dentistry.

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