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MMI Courses - Realistic MMI Practice Circuits


Our MMI Circuits have been completely sold out for the last two seasons. Created by doctors, our MMI Circuit is designed to recreate a real MMI interview experience through 20 practice MMI stations, including MMI role play scenarios, providing you with comprehensive feedback. The Medic Portal is officially partnered with the Royal Society of Medicine.

In our 2018 survey, 87.99% of TMP users who said they had an interview went on to get an offer. And 92.06% of people said TMP helped with this outcome! (Survey size: 900+)

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MMI Practice Circuits – Overview

What are MMIs? Multiple Mini Interviews – or MMIs – are becoming increasingly popular in medical schools across the country. As a relatively new style of ability-testing, it’s hard to know what to expect. And that’s where we come in.

Our circuit consists of a full-length practice circuit. The content is written and hosted by experienced medics, who know how MMIs work and what they test for.

Each circuit lasts for half a day. It will cover all different types of Multiple Mini Interview station, including MMI role play scenarios, leaving you with a clear idea of what to expect and how to succeed in your interviews – the perfect MMI interview practice!

Watch this video to see how our MMI courses work – and what students thought of it!

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MMI Practice Circuits – What Do They Cover?

What can you expect from our MMI Circuits? The circuit aims to cover all commonly occurring stations. You’ll be assessed by a wide variety of trained examiners.

Plus, we use professional actors (from TV shows and London theatres) for absolutely authentic role plays – just like many medical schools do! The circuit covers the following:

MMI Practice Circuits – 20 Stations

MMI Courses - do a full MMI circuit
MMI Courses – do a full MMI circuit

What will happen on the day? Emulating the MMI layout isn’t easy. It can’t be practised at home, or even at school. That’s why we provide a realistic half-day simulation, which replicates an actual MMI environment.

When you arrive, you will be given a briefing on what to expect and a few MMI interview tips. You’ll then be paired up with a fellow medical school applicant.

You will tackle 10 scenarios yourself, just like a real interview day. Then you will double up your learning by observing while your partner faces 10 completely different scenarios. So, you will experience 20 stations in total.

This is perfect MMI interview practice – by covering so many questions, you should be much more prepared for the real thing!

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MMI Practice Circuits – Feedback

As part of our multiple mini interview practice circuit, you’ll receive comprehensive written and verbal feedback from our expert assessors.

The feedback forms are full of advice, set within the framework of a detailed mark scheme. It’s a great revision tool for the run up to your real multiple mini interviews.

MMI Courses – Reviews

We know our practice circuits and courses are delivered to the highest standards. It’s nice to see that others think so too…

“I found them particularly useful for the preparation of the infamously difficult acting stations and this certainly boosted my confidence going in […] In the end, I was incredibly fortunate to receive all four offers for medicine. I cannot thank the tutors at The Medic Portal enough for their support and commitment!”

Alexi (MMI Circuit Attendee and International Applicant)

“I’ve gone on to receive an offer from Manchester… I’m certain that the course in particular was essential in helping me to perform to the best of my ability on interview day.”

James (MMI Circuit Attendee and Graduate Entry Medicine Applicant)

“My daughter was very happy with the practice circuit. It’s worth every single penny paid. I do highly recommend it to others. I cannot really thank you enough. It was an absolute treasure.”

Lubna (Parent, Acton High School)

“I did the MMI Circuit earlier this year. I just want to say THANK YOU! It was an immensely useful experience. I had two interviews and have two offers – I will be starting at KCL this September!”

Ru (MMI Circuit attendee)

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MMI Practice Circuits – Dentistry

Are you applying for Dentistry and looking for practice MMI Circuits? Our Dentistry MMI Circuits are tailored to applying to dental school, including stations on manual dexterity, communication and motivation for studying Dentistry.

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