sir john deane

"From your advice we made changes to how we support our aspiring medics - and as a consequence 17 out of the 18 students who applied for Medicine for 2018 entry have secured at least one interview and many have received offers back already. We also managed to get 3 out of 4 students into Cambridge, so we are absolutely delighted!" Sir John Deane's College

"We were hugely impressed with the UKCAT training provided by you for our medical applicants and the scores the students went on to achieve were undoubtedly improved as a result. The trainer provided a highly interactive experience and was clearly very much in touch with the detailed requirements of medical applications" Cheltenham Ladies’ College

"We were very pleased with both the UKCAT and BMAT preparation days which you ran for us in-house. Their attention to detail and teaching methods were excellent and our pupils came away with greater confidence and knowledge of what was required" Harrow School

"I have been very pleased with your input. Our pupils gave positive feedback on both the BMAT and UKCAT training courses and were able to approach their exams with significantly higher levels of confidence" Winchester College

"The team are a pleasure to work with. From booking to delivery they are thorough and organised, but most importantly inspirational to the students. We use the team for UKCAT, BMAT & Medical Interview training and their knowledge and professional expertise is invaluable for the boys.   Putting them through their paces, explaining, encouraging and challenging, the breadth of opportunities are explored and each student leaves prepared for independent practice and further reading and research. Student feedback is rated highly and I consider this service an essential part of the student’s preparation for their future application and career" Merchant Taylors' School

"The feedback from students has been overwhelmingly positive.  There are many organisations claiming that they have the kind of expertise that you are offering, but our students who attended numerous courses, said that although they found both useful, they preferred your speakers. Thank you for all your amazing support and superb website. I can’t imagine how I ever managed medical applications before I involved you!" Oxford High School

"Many thanks for the excellent courses you provided for our pupils. The talks were informative and have provided an excellent foundation for the pupils to prepare their medical applications. The bar for medicine raises ever higher and there is no doubt that the clear guidance that you have provided will help them. Your help in providing the courses in a manner that suited the school is much appreciated" James Allen’s Girls’ School

"I found the day really useful, in particular the way that Chris gave us specific ways and methods to approach the UKCAT questions - it made them seem far more manageable and less daunting in terms of time because as long as you follow the methods, the majority of the time this will get you to the correct answer. Also, I thought the break down of how to do the BMAT essay was really useful, as this was something I was previously very worried about. He made it seem far more simple and straightforward" The Godolphin & Latymer School

"The course was really informative and engaging, explaining clearly the key methods of how to tackle questions. It was great fun as one could take part in answering the questions by using an interactive device so one was able to practice and get feedback instantly. I would really recommend them" Uppingham  School

"The day was well split up so it did not feel like five hours of lectures and more like an interactive session. The 'clickers' also made learning about the course fun and appealing to us as it allowed us to really ponder about the questions we were being asked" Charterhouse  

"Our students found both the UKCAT and BMAT courses you ran for us last year hugely helpful — interactive, informative and presented in a manner which left them feeling both well-prepared and reassured about what they would face. We look forward to working with you again in the coming months" St Swithun's School

"The best antidote to complacency is a dose of realism from experienced professionals who know the admissions procedures well.   This is where I have found the Medic Portal so valuable.   The lecturers are knowledgeable and no nonsense, but they quickly distinguish between the reticent and the over confident candidates, adapting their approach to bring out the best in both. The mock interviews really put the students on the spot; careless replies are quickly pursued into territory that exposes skin deep knowledge. I find the resources and ideas from the Medic Portal invaluable in targeting Med Society sessions to best effect" Trinity School, Croydon  

"Our pupils found it really helpful — everything was concentrated into one day and the students worked from early through too late. The course boosted their confidence and gave them some ideas about how to cope with the all-important timing and techniques necessary for success. They felt ready for the UKCAT afterwards" Norwich School

"We have run two UKCAT training days using The Medic Portal. The faculty are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable, quickly building a rapport with our students. The students have benefitted hugely from the full day of UKCAT training, and left with a deeper insight into how the exams are run and strategies to implement. We shall definitely be booking them for future courses" City of London Freeman’s School

"We ran a UKCAT course with The Medic Portal  and I was impressed with the content and delivery of the training. Students were shown how to approach the different elements of the UKCAT test and given some useful strategies. The trainer was professional and developed a good rapport with the students which created a relaxed learning environment. After the course the students all said that they had found it very helpful and they went on to achieve good UKCAT scores and subsequent places at Medical Schools. The team who organised the training were efficient and reliable and as a result we are running a similar course this year with the same group. We would hope to continue to include The Medic Portal courses within our Medical Science Programme" Moreton Hall School

"Dr. Tavares was passionate about his field and shared his insights into applying to medicine very effectively. He discussed the application process clearly and was both engaging and inspirational to our Sixth Formers" Queen’s Gate School

"The team combine sparky delivery with a course structure that our students can readily apply to their medical school preparation.   The course also encourages students to think in real depth about their motivations for pursuing a career in medicine, thereby ensuring they can demonstrate their real commitment to practice in this most demanding of professions" Surbiton High School

"We had our most successful year to date for medical applications this year, with 11 offers at 8 different UK universities/medical schools and 6 students on their way to UK medical schools from Moraitis School alone (two getting 45 in their IB Diplomas!) - although one UK bound student will go the the US in the end. I am sure that this success was due to a large extent to The Medic Portal's excellent workshops in UKCAT, BMAT and Interviews!" The Moraitis School, Athens

"When ISB wished to introduce a program of preparation for UK Medical and Dentistry applicants, we looked no further than The Medic Portal. Having now completed the UKCAT course feedback could not be more positive: every student rated the course as excellent. We look forward to many more great training days at ISB run by The Medic Portal" International School of Brussels

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"The UCAT course has been highly informative and covered useful techniques for all the sections. Specifically, the structure of the course allowed us to easily apply the new knowledge on example questions. Questions asked were made interactive through the use of clickers and timed conditions made it more realistic. The day was well planned and we really enjoyed and learnt a lot from the course and would recommend this to future UCAT applicants." Badminton School

St Clare's

"We gave our two Medicine applicants free choice to decide which interview course they went on and they were adamant that they wanted it to be a course run by The Medic Portal, having found your resources and other events so much better than other providers." St. Clare's, Oxford

King's High

"Marie, who ran our interview course, was absolutely fantastic and it was a delight to welcome her into our school." King's High, Warwick


"The course was excellent, I thought the interactive nature of it really kept the students on their toes and they were engaged throughout. I felt Marie had an excellent rapport with the students and was very easy to listen to." Howell's School, Cardiff

sir john deane

“The teacher training conference was excellent – there was so much information and excellent, up-to-date advice that will be so useful to help my students throughout their medical application. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who supports students through the medical application process.” Biology Teacher, Sir John Deane’s College

Royal Grammar School Guildford

"I think the website and associated support that you provide is exceptional and it has made advising students so much easier and more effective. Thank you on behalf of all schools and colleges and, most significantly, on behalf of the students themselves." Royal Grammar School, Guildford

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"Many thanks for the Insight Day. The feedback has been extremely positive. Marie was an excellent presenter and we are looking forward already to booking you in for next year!" Head of Careers, Ipswich School


"I would like to say on behalf of the college and students that the course was outstanding. Daniel was absolutely amazing, the students were fully engaged throughout the whole day. My colleagues and I were so impressed at the standard that was delivered. I have had several emails from the students thanking us for the service that was provided to them." Maths Teacher, Bellerbys College


"All of our potential medics are signposted to The Medic Portal and we forward your mailings to them. We are very impressed with the support you offer them. The Medic Portal is a trusted source of guidance for us as advisers and the students. Thank you for your hard work." Careers Department, Hereford Sixth Form College

CATS College

"The [UKCAT Course] was intense and voluminous but the feedback provided by the students immediately after the session revealed they gained insight, knowledge and lots of confidence."

CATS College Cambridge

Rugby School

"You were brilliant at keeping the pupils on course. I certainly think that your course is the best we’ve seen and it clearly explains the strategies and techniques required to do well in the test. The interactive clickers were super too!" Rugby School, UKCAT Course 

"Your representative Patrick was extremely helpful and professional. Our students had all found the material hard but now felt more confident. This was both from the delivery of the session and the material covered. They acknowledged that even though material is available on the internet they had definitely jumped the hurdle in being able to now face and use this fully having attended the course. They all commented on how valuable it was to have been able to chat to Patrick on a personal level about his journey and experiences too."

Teacher, UKCAT Course at Stephen Perse Foundation School

Harris Federation

"The UKCAT Course was highly detailed and rich with expert insight. Our students left the day feeling significantly more clued up about the various elements of the test and how to tackle them successfully. They also left feeling more confident with how to prepare for the test in an effective and manageable way." Henry, Teacher at Harris Federation 

Wimbledon High School

“Our Year 6 girls really enjoyed their Doctor for a Day session. Our two doctors were incredibly approachable, knowledgeable and fun! The girls learnt a huge amount in such a short space of time and really enjoyed the practical sessions having a go at using steri-strips, slings and stethoscopes!” Teacher, Wimbledon High School

"The Access Project has used The Medic Portal's UKCAT course as part of our Medicine and Dentistry Society Programme for both our 2016 and our 2017 entry cohorts. On each occasion we have found the course to be of excellent quality. The resources are well prepared and professional. Each section of the test is explored in detail with opportunities for students to complete practice questions in an interactive and fun way. The tutors are confident and communicate the content very well. They are engaging and know their stuff! Our students leave feeling much more confident about how to approach the UKCAT. The website is also an excellent resource for both staff and students, our go to for all things Medicine and Dentistry. We look forward to working with The Medic Portal again in 2018." Siobhan Randell, University Access Manager, The Access Project

Rugby School

"Thank you for what was yet another lovely and informative day. The students were very appreciative of the advice, tips and practice they got throughout. We were also impressed by the bonus panel one to one interview which the pupils also found extremely valuable. The course has left our pupils well primed which will make their own personal practice more productive." Lucy Waweru, Rugby School

Ermysted's High School

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Daniel for his performance delivering the course last Thursday. It was perfectly pitched, and though certainly intense it was also very thought provoking. I know the students have all said how much they learnt from the day." Mrs Abbey, Chemistry Teacher, Ermysted's Grammar School

king edward vi

"The presenter was very knowledgeable, and delivered the course in an engaging and inspiring way. The pupils and our Gifted and Talented Assistant Head were very impressed."

King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys


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