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Want to make sure you get the high BMAT score you deserve and boost your chances of being shortlisted for a Medical School interview? Our new Online BMAT Course goes through all three sections of the BMAT in considerable detail.

Each module in the Online BMAT Course has been created with specific reference to the BMAT syllabus. That’s why we’re making sure that every single aspect of the BMAT exam is covered in this online course.

Every video tutorial you’ll encounter in the course goes through timed questions that are identical in format & difficulty to the BMAT. We then use the answers to explore the core topic of that module.

This teaches you how to answer questions in the correct time, simultaneously giving you an excellent grounding in theory and concepts.

What you’ll get with the Online BMAT Course

Sample tutorial: Section 2 – Physics Module 1 – Electrical Circuits

The following tutorial is taken from Section 2, Physics Module 1, entitled Electrical Circuits. This video is will introduce you to the main principles of electrical circuits, discussing the concepts of voltage, current and resistance, in both series and parallel circuits.

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