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Want to master BMAT from the comfort of your own home? Get instant access to 10 hours of video tutorials with our popular Online BMAT Course. It's all been created by doctors and Oxbridge Science grads - plus you'll get unlimited access to our BMAT Question Bank.

Online BMAT Course

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The Ultimate Online BMAT Course

Doctor-Led Tutorials

Our Online BMAT Course is packed with doctor-led tutorials, detailing how to approach every section. It even includes a unique, formluaic approach to the toublesome essay section!

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Online BMAT Course
Practice & Past Papers

The BMAT Online Course includes full BMAT Question Bank access. This means you can practise individual sections or take Past Papers and see how you would have scored.

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Boost Your BMAT Score

By combining detailed BMAT tutorials with practice questions and Past Paper marking, you can get a better BMAT score!

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Comprehensive Modules for Every Section


Watch this free demo video tutorial taken from the Section 2: Physics modules. Get a preview of what the Online BMAT Course entails and see how much you could learn!

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Section 1 - Verbal

From identifying arguments to making the right conclusions from the evidence given, improve your verbal reasoning skills with our video tutorials & realistic questions.

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Section 1 - Logical & Spatial

Make sure you correctly interpret graphical and statistical data in the BMAT by watching our video tutorials in this section.

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Section 2 - Biology

Learn the complicated science of cell biology, genetics, physiological systems and anatomical systems of the body here! With 9 video tutorials in this section, we cover all you need to know.

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Section 2 - Chemistry

Understand atomic structure and bonding, the periodic table, chemical equations, organic chemistry and reaction rates by watching our expert Chemistry video tutorials here.

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Section 2 - Physics

We will cover the entire BMAT Physics syllabus here, including key formulae, electrical circuits, power, motion, energy, waves and radioactivity. Get ready for a high score!

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Section 2 - Maths

Our comprehensive Maths section covers everything you need for the BMAT exam for algebra, geometry, fractions, ratios, probability and more!

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Seection 3 - Writing Task

Haven't written an essay since GCSE? No problem. We go back to basics from getting your statement accross & forming your argument to writing the ultimate conclusion.

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