Medicine Application

5 Things to do After UKCAT

5 Key Things to do After UCAT

2nd September 2021

From planning your personal statement to keeping up with medical news, here are your next steps...

How to Make the Most of the Summer Before aLevels

How to Make the Most of the Summer Before A-Levels

30th July 2021

Applying to Medicine and wondering how to make the most of your summer before A-Levels?

How To Prepare Students For Their Medicine Applications

9th July 2021

Take a look at our advice for how you can start planning to prepare your Year 12 students for applying to Medicine

summer school

My Summer School Experience

25th February 2021

Find out what it's like to join our Summer School programme - and how it helped this student.

A person is interviewed for medical school

Interview Tips I Wish I’d Known

5th January 2021

A UCL student shares the interview tips they wish they'd known about

3 Things After BMAT

Your 3 Next Steps After BMAT

27th August 2020

Congratulation on sitting your BMAT! Unfortunately the work to med school isn't quite over yet - here are three important things to consider as your next steps.

Students revising for BMAT

Top Six Tips for Passing the BMAT

26th August 2020

BMAT is a two-hour test required by some UK universities. Read on to find out six tips you can use to boost your score and pass the BMAT.

Writing your personal statement

How to Start Writing Your Personal Statement

If you're excited about applying to study medicine but the thought of writing your personal statement fills you with dread, follow these top tips!

Writing medicine personal statement

Writing the Perfect Introduction for Your Personal Statement

23rd August 2020

Whilst it's important for your whole personal statement for medicine to be unique, it's even more so that your introduction stands out.

Results Day

5 Things to do Before A-Level Results Day

10th August 2020

Are you anticipating the upcoming A-Level results day? Here are 5 things we recommend you do in preparation for the big day so it runs smoothly.


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