Medicine Application

What To Do If You Didn’t Get Into Medical School

27th July 2023

If you didn't get into Medical School this year, here are 4 things you could do next - with the pros and cons of different options.

biomedical science lab

No Medicine Offers, So I’m Studying Biomedical Science!

23rd May 2023

Hear from an applicant who didn't receive any Medicine offers and decided to study Biomedical Science instead.

UCAS Application Stats For 2023 Entry Medicine

31st October 2022

UCAS have published their data on applications for 2023 entry Medicine. Find out the key information here.

3 Things After BMAT

Your 3 Next Steps After BMAT

12th October 2022

What comes after the BMAT test? Find out the next steps for your Medicine application.

How To Make Your Fifth UCAS Choice For Medicine

29th September 2022

Applying for Medicine and wondering what do with your fifth UCAS choice? Find out what your options are here.

duke of edinburgh award

How To Use Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award In Your Medicine Application

25th March 2022

Make sure you stand out from 330,000 people doing DofE by being strategic with how you discuss your experience in your Personal Statement.

How Doing An EPQ Can Boost Your Medicine Application

23rd March 2022

Find out how doing an EPQ can help you demonstrate that you've got what it takes to be a Med student.

5 Things to do After UKCAT

5 Key Things to do After UCAT

2nd September 2021

From planning your personal statement to keeping up with medical news, here are your next steps...

How to Make the Most of the Summer Before aLevels

How to Make the Most of the Summer Before A-Levels

30th July 2021

Applying to Medicine and wondering how to make the most of your summer before A-Levels?

How To Prepare Students For Their Medicine Applications

9th July 2021

Take a look at our advice for how you can start planning to prepare your Year 12 students for applying to Medicine


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