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Medicine Application

Reapplying to Medicine

Reapplying to Medicine – Maximise Your Chances of Getting In

14th August 2019

Not getting into Medical School can be a devastating shock for anyone and, as difficult as it is, you have to be able to move on from it in order to make your application stronger than before when reapplying to medicine. At the time of writing, these are the medical schools that allow students to…

A student resitting A-Levels

Resitting A-Levels – Maximise Your Chances of Getting the Grades

Whatever the reason, come results day, things have not gone the way you wanted which means that resitting A-Levels might be necessary. Don’t worry, you still have the chance to get into Medical School. If you had any offers, it’s important to ring up those universities and see if they will still let you in…

Students revising for BMAT

Top Six Tips for Passing the BMAT

7th August 2019

The BMAT (or BioMedical Admissions Test) is a two-hour test consisting of three sections that some universities use as part of their medical school admissions process. Unlike the UCAT, there are two specified test dates for BMAT – one in August and one in October. As with the UCAT, you are only allowed to sit…

A person is interviewed for medical school

Five Medical School Interview Tips I Wish I’d Known

5th August 2019

Medical school interviews can be absolutely terrifying, especially if you’ve never been in an interview scenario before – it’s hard to know what to expect and people often panic about not being able to answer questions. Don’t worry though, as I’ve put together some tips for you based on the things that I wish I’d…

mother comforting child who has been rejected from medical school

10 Tips to Pass Your MMI

31st July 2019

MMI’s (Multiple Mini Interviews) are an increasingly popular method that universities are choosing to help narrow down candidates for entry to medical school. It’s important that you prep in advance if you want to be successful on the day of your interview. Try using these ten tips to boost your chances of success and passing…

5 Tips for Preparing for Med School Over the Summer

10th June 2019

It’s hard to imagine a life without revision. Once exams are over, you’ll be faced with a gloriously long summer with little to do before med school starts. Whilst waiting for results, there are a number of things you can do to keep busy during the summer. Here are five tips to help prepare for…

When should I book my UCAT test

When Should I Book My UCAT Test?

29th April 2019

UCAT registration opens on 1st May! The UCAT is used by the majority of medical schools (want to know which medical schools use the UCAT? Find out on our UCAT guide!) and has to be taken between 1st July and 2nd October 2019. The summer before you apply to medicine can get quite busy, potentially…

Medical School Open Days 2019

Medical School Open Days 2019

23rd April 2019

Thinking of applying to medicine for 2020 entry? Attending university open days are a great way to assess whether or not the medical school is right for you. Open days give you the chance to meet current students and lecturers, and to find out more about the structure and teaching style of the medicine course…

5 Questions to Ask on Med School Open Days

15th April 2019

Open days are the perfect opportunity to ask current students what they really think of their course and their experience of the medical school. You don’t want to be asking questions that you could easily find out online or in prospectuses (e.g. what the entry requirements are, how long the course is etc) Instead, take…

5 Key Components You Need for a Competitive Medicine Application

The 5 Key Components You Need for a Strong Application

25th March 2019

Applying to medical school can feel like navigating a maze. There are many parts of a medical school application that need to be in place to secure your interviews. Here I have highlighted my five key components for a strong application. Want expert tips on the medical school application process? Book a space on our…


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