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A person is interviewed for medical school

Interview Tips I Wish I’d Known

5th January 2021

Medical school interviews can be absolutely terrifying, especially if you’ve never been in an interview scenario before – it’s hard to know what to expect and people often panic about not being able to answer questions. Don’t worry though, as I’ve put together some tips for you based on the things that I wish I’d…

3 Things After BMAT

Your 3 Next Steps After BMAT

27th August 2020

Congratulations – your BMAT is over and done with! Unfortunately, this year’s challenges are only just beginning. Applying to medical school is like a marathon, and you need perseverance and resilience to get through! However, with the right preparation and organisation, you can navigate this year successfully. In this blog, I will discuss the three…

Students revising for BMAT

Top Six Tips for Passing the BMAT

26th August 2020

  The BMAT (or BioMedical Admissions Test) is a two-hour test consisting of three sections that some universities use as part of their medical school admissions process. As with the UCAT, you are only allowed to sit the BMAT once per admissions cycle; usually candidates have two sitting options but due to COVID-19, candidates can…

Writing your personal statement

How to Start Writing Your Personal Statement

  You know exactly why you want to study medicine and you’re super excited to start applying, but when it comes to writing your Medicine personal statement your mind goes blank and you have no idea what to say. If this sounds familiar, then here are some tips to help get the personal statement ball…

Writing medicine personal statement

Writing the Perfect Introduction for Your Personal Statement

23rd August 2020

  Whilst it’s important for your whole personal statement for medicine to be unique, it’s even more important for the introduction of your personal statement to stand out. A powerful introduction for your personal statement is essential for making a strong first impression, yet it can be the hardest part to write. Here are five…

Results Day

5 Things to do Before A-Level Results Day

10th August 2020

A-Level results day is understandably very daunting – everyone’s holding their breath to see if they’ve managed to secure their offer. Here’s a list of things you should do before results day to help you prepare for every eventuality and to hopefully help the day run more smoothly… Need expert help with your medicine application?…

David Brill Making a Medic

Q&A with David Brill – Author of Making a Medic

7th November 2019

David Brill is a Foundation Year 2 Doctor junior doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in north London. He studied medicine at St George’s, University of London from 2014-2018, graduating with three distinctions and one merit. He has written a new book called Making a Medic: The Ultimate Guide to Medical School. covering everything you need…

Waiting for medical school offers

Six Ways to be Productive Whilst Waiting for Medical School Offers

21st October 2019

After sending off your UCAS application it could be months before you hear anything back from the medical schools you’ve applied for. It can be a nerve-wracking time but try not to think about it too much as it is now out of your hands. Instead, here are six productive things to do with this…

UCAT Final Scores

11th October 2019

It’s official – the UCAT 2019 final scores are out! So how did you fare and what does this mean for your application? As predicted, the final scores have dropped slightly from the interim scores. In fact, they’ve fallen by 2.3%, bringing them closely in line with last year’s score: As has always been the…

UCAT Interim Scores 2020

Interim UCAT Scores for 2020 Entry

16th September 2019

  Are you looking for the interim 2021 entry UCAT scores? You can find this on our UCAT Scores guide.  This blog is about the 2020 entry interim UCAT scores, which were released on Monday, September 16th, 2019. They showed an overall average slightly ahead of the final 2019 entry data – and that Verbal…


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