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Medical School Interview Tips

Looking for specific tips for each medical school? From MMIs to traditional interviews, here are our top tips to impress your interviewers!

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School by School Tips

“If you don’t know the answer to a question in your Bristol medicine interview, don’t guess. Let them know you’re unsure and then try and think out loud – for a lot of questions they won’t be looking for a correct answer, they’ll be looking for your thought process.”

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“In a typical interview, the interviewer will introduce a scientific problem and will expect you to talk them through your thought process as you work out the answer. It is therefore crucial that you are confident using scientific language in conversation, and that you don’t feel awkward verbalising your thought process.”

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“Cardiff University is in Wales. Obviously. But you would be surprised how many students completely miss this and have no clue about the Welsh NHS, so do your research!”

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“One of the questions most medical schools will pose is to ask you why you wish to attend this school over others. It is therefore important you research the style of teaching and the curriculum.”

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“‘Read around the subject’ is an overused but key phrase: know of and understand key world & NHS medical issues currently in the news. The BBC Health page is a good place to start for topics, as is the New Scientist.”

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“In your HYMS medicine interview, the PBL session consists of reading a PBL-style scenario. The tutor running the session will probably say very little throughout the session, and it is up to you as a group to discuss the patient. ”

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“Everybody I have spoken to in my year was asked about the junior doctor crisis that was all over the news at the time in their UCL medicine interview. We weren’t expected to have expert political knowledge about the situation, but it is important to have a general idea about what is going on in healthcare.”

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“Although St George’s uses an MMI interview, there will still be some stations where you will be required to answer some typical questions, such as why you chose to study Medicine and why St George’s as your medical school.”

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“Whether it’s knowing that they will have you do a BSc as well as your MBBS, or knowing which societies you’re interested in, a bit of extra research about life at Imperial is always needed.”

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“The interviewers want to assess your broader understanding of healthcare in the UK in conjunction with your personal experiences. A key way of practising this is by reading key publications such as Tomorrow’s Doctors and Good Medical Practice, making sure you’re clued up on the six Cs and NHS Hot Topics.”

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“Norwich Medical School is really passionate about their course format, pastoral care and PBL-based teaching. Be prepared to be asked questions about why you chose this particular school or type of learning, and try to think of advantages and disadvantages.”

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“At your Lancaster medicine interview, the interviewers are looking for people who will suit a problem-based learning course. This is about interacting well with people in a group setting and showing off your teamwork skills.”

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“If you can mention the remote and rural option at Aberdeen, this will be looked upon favourably as recruitment of medical staff in certain geographic areas of Scotland are difficult.”

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“A Southampton medicine interview typically contains a group activity which involves around eight candidates sitting around a table discussing a certain topic, whilst being watched by two interviewers, assessing your capacity to work in a team.”

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“Stations in the past have included (bear in mind however that these vary year on year!): Aiming to complete a puzzle which appears to be impossible and being given scenarios and choosing which you thought was the most appropriate action…”

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“I recommend going onto the Keele website and trying the sample questions which they have released to prepare for your maths test…”

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“Leeds state that they may use roleplay as one of their stations, so make sure you are prepared and comfortable with how you will respond to a role play situation – have a basic framework in mind.”

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“Around two weeks before the date of your Barts medicine interview, you will receive an email from the medical school with an article on an ethical issue or a ‘hot topic’ in medicine…”

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