This section acts as a step-by-step Teachers’ Guide for those who want to provide the best possible support for those applying for Medicine – as well as detailing our range of in-house BMAT, UCAT and Interview Courses for schools. For each step of the medical school application process, we tell you how The Medic Portal can help you.

Teachers’ Guides:

Teachers’ Guide: Early GCSE Preparation

Early preparation for a medical application is vital – and you’ll play a key role in this. Find out how you can support your students from GCSE level in our Teachers’ Guide: Early GCSE Preparation.

Teachers’ Guide: Medical Societies

As the teacher in charge of Medical School applications, it is in your interest to drum up interest in Medicine, give students enough exposure to see if Medicine is right for them, and to provide a communal environment where your applicants can keep up-to-date and learn from each other.

In other words, you need a great Medical Society! To find out how to create and maintain one, read our Teachers’ Guide: Medical Societies.

Teachers’ Guide: Work Experience

This is the best way to find out if they are a good fit for Medicine. If they are, it will also form the backbone of their Medical School application. During their work placement, it’s crucial that students keep a diary of their time – you can encourage them to do this through our free Personal Portfolio tool and to show it to you regularly to make sure they are on track.

Find out more about how to support your students finding work placements in our Teachers’ Guide: Work Experience.

Teachers’ Guide: UCAS References

Want to know how to write a reference for a student’s UCAS application? A lot of teachers feel under pressure when it comes to writing a teacher reference, so we’ve written a guide to approaching these in our Teachers’ Guide: UCAS References.

Teachers’ Guide: UCAT and BMAT

These can be the most daunting aspects of a medical school application for students – so they’ll need your support! Consider booking an in-house UCAT or BMAT course, and read our Teachers’ Guide: UCAT and BMAT.

Teachers’ Guide: Studying Abroad

An increasing number of teachers are asking us for advice on the options to study Medicine overseas, as more and more students are looking at options in Europe and Asia. We’ve created a guide on advising students on studying Medicine abroad in our page Teachers’ Guide: Studying Abroad.

How The Medic Portal can help:

Boost your students’ UCAT scores

The UCAT is required by the vast majority of UK Medical Schools. It’s essential that your students score as highly as possible. You can get informed by reading the UCAT section of the Application Guide.

Strategy and practice are vital for the UCAT. We can deliver a course on the grounds of your school. Alternatively, if students sign up to our UCAT Question Bank, their score will be monitored in their personal portfolio. Ask to see their progress.

You can also order a copy of Mastering the UCAT for your school.

Boost your students’ BMAT scores

The BMAT is designed to test students’ maths skills and scientific knowledge – so it’s crucial they are well prepared. We can deliver expert BMAT courses in your school at reduced rates – simply get in touch with us on our Book A Course page to find out more.

You can also direct your students to our BMAT Question Bank so they can practice. Encourage them to familiarise themselves with the format of the exam by sitting past papers and visiting the BMAT section of our Application Guide.

Our bestselling book, Mastering the BMAT, is also available to buy.

Prepare your students for their Medicine interview 

Make sure students know what type of interview they will face – you can use our Medical School Comparison Tool to check the interview format. Then start practising with them. You can encourage students to use the practice questions in our Interview Question Bank in your lessons or in their free time at home. These questions cover all aspects of a medical school interview, from NHS Hot Topics to Empathy.

We can deliver Interview Courses at your school at a reduced rate – just visit our Book A Course page to find out more. These courses are led by doctors and cover different styles of interview, including traditional, Oxbridge and MMI, as well as how to tackle questions on Medical Ethics, Teamwork and Motivation.

MMIs are making the preparation process harder for teachers. We offer a discounted rate for school groups at our MMI Circuits – find out more about MMI for schools.

Improve your students’ Personal Statements

Personal statements are a critical differentiator in the Medical School application process. So, you need to know exactly what admissions tutors look for and guide your students in the right direction.

We strongly advise that you set up a Personal Statement Workshop, which we can run for you. Get in touch with us on our Book A Course page to find out more about how we can help. Alternatively, you can create your own using our personal statement section as a guide.

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