Mastering The UCAT Book

UKCAT was renamed UCAT in 2019 – and so our Mastering the UCAT book has been completely revamped. Our updated edition is published in conjunction with a leading educational publisher – and each attendee of our 2020 UCAT Courses will receive a free copy.

Drawing on The Medic Portal’s proven track record of teaching UKCAT (now UCAT), our book has been fully revised for the 2020 update. Our new UCAT book takes you, step by step, through the proven techniques that have helped thousands of students achieve top UCAT scores.

In Mastering the UCAT, expert authors deconstruct all question types. We then highlight core strategies, common pitfalls, and top tips — as well as the tactics examiners use to trip you up.

What does the UCAT book cover?

The book covers all parts of the UCAT: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Situational Judgement and Decision Making. The book also:

Mastering the UCAT

Unlike other UCAT books, we do not solely provide practice questions. Instead, we identify repeatable techniques to ensure success, and these are actively demonstrated through worked examples.

At the end of every section, there are ample practice questions for you to try. This gives you the chance to implement what you have just learned. We believe that only by having a repeatable strategy can you reduce variance in your scores.

Why Not Try a UCAT Course?

Another great way to learn step-by-step UCAT strategies is by attending our one-day UCAT Course. Created by qualified doctors and education experts, our UCAT Course is designed to boost your score across all sections of the exam.

The one-day course comprehensively covers all sections, and students are provided with an electronic keypad to complete practice questions.

What’s more, the day is summarised in a detailed workbook comprising the day’s lecture slides, revision notes and practice questions to be used for your own personal UCAT revision after the course.

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