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MMI Prep For Schools

The Medic Portal is now offering its valued partner schools further discounts for Medical School interview training.

These cost-saving opportunities for schools cover two of our most popular products: MMI Practice Circuits and Online Mock Interviews.

MMI Practice Circuits

Our MMI simulations have become the ‘must-have’ interview preparation course, with hundreds of sold out places last year. Now your students can get the best MMI help at a discounted rate!

We are the only organisation to provide a 100% realistic MMI circuit, with 10 unique stations manned by doctors, medics and even professional actors.

Each course lasts half a day, after which students receive a detailed analysis of their performance on a realistic MMI mark scheme.

Because of the labour-intensive nature of the day (it requires 14+ trained staff!) we are not able to offer in-house MMI circuits at schools.

However, due to popular demand we are running numerous dates in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Schools can now benefit from group savings. We are offering a £15 discount per head when schools book for 3 or more students. This means the price is £120 per head, rather than £135.

If you are a teacher looking to take advantage of this discount for your pupils, get in touch here with the subject line MMI SCHOOL DISCOUNT.

Online Mock Interviews

Last year, our online interviews were used by hundreds of students. Now schools can also buy online interview packages at a discounted rate!

Our platform is the most innovative learning tool in the interview prep market. It allows students to do a full-length interview anytime, anywhere and get detailed professional feedback.

We are now offering schools the chance to bulk buy online interviews for their students.

One interview with feedback normally costs £80. But you can buy 3+ interviews for £70 each.

If you are a teacher looking to take advantage of this discount for your students, get in touch here with the subject line ONLINE INTERVIEW SCHOOL DISCOUNT.

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