Work Experience Medical Schools Want For 2021 Entry


Medical schools understand that due to COVID-19, aspiring medics have had limited opportunity to undertake work experience placements.

As a result, work experience requirements for 2021 entry have changed.

Check out the table below to learn more about what each medical school wants in terms of work experience.

University What kind of medical work experience do they prefer?
Aberdeen A range of experience in primary care or a hospital. Voluntary work in care homes, hospices or special needs schools.

Work experience form completed and returned at interview.
Anglia Ruskin Work experience is not taken into consideration when shortlisting for interview, but candidates who are invited to interview can expect to be asked about their work experience at that stage.
Aston We recognise that not everyone will be able to secure medical work experience, and that it is possible to get the same outlook, experience and qualities by doing work experience in a non-medical environment too.

For example, working in a hospital shop will mean that you deal with all kinds of patients and people and allow you to develop your communication skills, teamwork skills, following instructions, and leadership skills.

Barts Work experience is assessed as part of the shortlisting process but is not scored. Interview panelists will ask about work experience and candidates will be expected to draw on their experiences to answer competency-based questions.
Birmingham Work experience does not factor into the process of selection for interview. The understanding gained from work experience will be invaluable in enabling applicants to address the issues presented to them at interview.
Brighton and Sussex Applicants need an insight into medicine and the role of the doctor, this
may come from work experience.
Bristol This will be discussed during interview.
Buckingham Not considered.
Cambridge To develop understanding of what a career in medicine involves and suitability for your intended profession, candidates are strongly advised (though not required) to undertake some relevant work experience (either paid or voluntary) in a health or related area. The medical school is not prescriptive about how this is obtained and recognises the widely differing opportunities available.
Cardiff The university recognises that opportunities for work experience will vary according to individual circumstances. Applicants are encouraged to show an appreciation of the length of the training programme and the career structure.
Dundee If applicant invited to interview, work experience is discussed in personal statement multiple mini-interview station.
Edge Hill University No specific work experience is required, but students are asked to draw on personal experience as part of the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs). This could include work experience.
Edinburgh We value quality of experience over quantity. We are looking for clear evidence of reflection on these experiences, showing us what personal lessons you took from them and using these to demonstrate an aptitude for medicine. This is drawn upon if invited to Assessment Day.
Exeter As we understand that it can be difficult to gain relevant work experience, this is not counted as part of entry requirements, although we encourage applicants to have an understanding of the attributes and the responsibilities required to be a great doctor, however you are able to gain this.
Glasgow There is no mandatory requirement for medical work experience, but candidates must have a sound understanding of the role and responsibilities of medical professionals.
Hull York We do not specify a work experience requirement, but applicants are encouraged to reflect upon their work experience in their personal statement and responses to interview questions.
Imperial Work experience in a healthcare setting is strongly favoured.
Keele Applicants are expected to have experience of direct engagement with people in need of any kind of care, support or help, and should have taken on some responsibility appropriate to their age and environment. Experiences do not have to be gained in healthcare settings, and no credit will be given for observation (e.g. workplace shadowing).
Kent and Medway Work experience is desirable, particularly in public-facing roles. KMMS recognises it might be difficult to arrange medical sector experience, and gives equal weight to care sector and other public-facing experience.
King's We would normally expect that applicants will have undertaken some voluntary work experience in a caring/health environment and/or observation in a medical clinical setting. It is important for applicants to have a realistic appreciation of what a career as a health professional involves.
Lancaster Specific work experience not required though applicants must showcase evidence of research into a career in medicine. Insight is more important and voluntary placements in hospices, residential homes etc, where there is interaction with vulnerable people, is just as valuable as shadowing doctors.
Leeds Experience in a healthcare setting, though this definition is broad.
Leicester Healthcare-related work experience is not required but applicants, particularly those who are borderline, must showcase reflection in whatever type of work they have encountered (voluntary, paid work in retail, catering, health or social care).
Liverpool No specific work experience is stated but applicants must be able to demonstrate our non-academic criteria which will be assessed at interview.
Manchester Work experience is assessed at interview using the electronic non-academic information form and discussion with the candidate.
Newcastle Emphasis on applicants being able to show a commitment to caring which can be accomplished in a number of ways other than in a hospital or general practice setting, such as volunteering in an elderly care home, hospice, nursery or helping someone less fortunate. The medical school is also interested in individuals who have shown commitment to working as part of a team over a prolonged period of time in any area, including voluntary, sports, other extra-curricular activities.
Norwich Work experience is considered at interview. We encourage students to undertake people focused work experience and consider how this has informed their decision to study medicine.
Nottingham (Lincoln pathway too) We ask students to demonstrate their participation in work experience and volunteering to be eligible to apply.
Oxford Considered by admissions tutors alongside all other aspects of the application. Candidates may choose to explain how any experiences they may have had enable them to demonstrate their suitability for medicine.
Plymouth No specific requirements.
Queen's No specific requirements. Experience encouraged in healthcare-related environments and volunteering.
Sheffield Interest in what applicants have learned from their work experience. In addition to shadowing a GP or other medical practitioner, there are many other areas related to medicine in which applicants can gain experience, such as care homes or community-based work experience.
Southampton Completion of formal work experience or volunteering is not specified. However, applicants are expected to demonstrate what they have learned from their experiences of interacting with people in health or social care settings.
St Andrews Applicants should have gained work or shadowing experience in a caring or health environment. This does not have to be in a hospital or GP surgery but could be in a nursing home or hospice or through working with people who have ill health or disability.
St George's Applicants should be able to reflect on how their work experience helped them to develop some of the attitudes and behaviours essential to being a doctor. The medical school is interested in what the applicant has learned about him/herself and other people, and how care is delivered and received. Applicants are asked to provide further details of their work experience and/or confirmation letters or references for verification.
Sunderland Any work experience that showcases your communication and leadership skills. Attributes such as responsibility and motivation may be demonstrated through working with customers or clients requiring support, assistance or service.
UCL We would recommend any experience that involves working with other people, building relevant skills or gaining insight into healthcare professions is helpful for your application. Your reflections on what you learnt from your work experience will be assessed via your personal statement, and may also be assessed at interview.
UCLan Applicants are asked to submit a transferable skills statement, which allows them to reflect on: work experience /shadowing/ voluntary work or experience in a caring role, impact and value of the work undertaken, the level of responsibility taken within this experience. The statement will be the focus for one of the stations in the multiple-mini Interview.


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