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Medical School Interview Invitations

Wondering when the medical schools you’ve applied to will start sending their interviews? You’ve come to the right place! In the table below you can see when each medical school interview invitations are sent out, when they hold their interviews as well as the format of them so you know what to expect.

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University When do they hold their interviews?When do they typically send interview invitations?Interview style
AberdeenNovember - end of FebruaryCandidates will know before Christmas if they have been successful or unsuccessful in gaining an interviewMMI
Barts and The LondonThey interview some applicants as late as February.They aim to send all invites out just before Christmas, although some may be delayed until the early new year.Traditional
BirminghamMedicine interviews take place from end of November to middle of February with a break for Christmas.Birmingham state that they try to give about two weeks' notice but it is not always possible. Have started sending invites.MMI
Brighton and SussexFirst week of JanuaryEarly to mid-DecemberMMI
BristolInterviews generally held between November and AprilDecisions about whether to invite applicants to interview are made on a rolling basis. They have started sending out interview invitations and will continue to do so until March.MMI
CambridgeFirst three weeks of DecemberApplicants are generally given around two weeks notice, however this can vary from College to College.Traditional
Cardiff4th of December 2017 – 14th December 2017 and 16th January 2018 – 26th January 2018.Have started sending invitations (November)MMI
DundeeDecember - JanuaryNot yet confirmedMMI
EdinburghN/A - do not interviewN/A - do not interviewN/A - do not interview
Exeter4th - 9th December 2017.Invitations will be sent from 13th November 2017.MMI
GlasgowDecember - FebruaryThe first session of interviews commence the week of 11th December, applicants can expect invitations approximately 2 weeks prior.Traditional
Hull YorkDecember - JanuaryFrom mid-November onwards.MMI
ImperialDecember - MarchInterview invitations will be issued from Monday 5th December and will continue being sent through until March.Traditional
KeeleDecember - MarchNot yet confirmedMMI
King'sEnd of November - end of MarchRolling basis - they try to invite all applicants a month in advance of the interview date but depending on the point of applying an invite could be made two to three weeks in advance. MMI
LancasterJanuary - FebruaryCandidates will be given two weeks' notice of their MMI dateMMI
LeedsDecember - JanuaryJust before Christmas break or just afterMMI
LeicesterNovember - FebruaryThey will begin sending out invitations late November 2017 and this will continue until February 2018.MMI
Liverpool29th January 2018; 5th February 2018; 12th February 2018After the Christmas break in early January.MMI
ManchesterEarly 2018Invitations to attend an interview will be sent before the end of December 2017.MMI
NewcastleLate January - late FebruaryInvitations sent between mid-end of November 2017 and the end of January 2018.MMI
NorwichDecember - MarchStrongest applicants invited to interview from December onwardsMMI
NottinghamThe first set of interviews will take place on 11 December 2017 and there will be 5 sets of interviews in total before the end of 2017.Admissions will be aiming to complete Personal Statement scoring by the beginning of December, and invitations will be sent after this.MMI
OxfordProvisionally on Thursday and Friday, 14th and 15th December 2017All applicants will be emailed by 28th November 2017.Traditional
PlymouthBeginning in DecemberNovemberTraditional
Queen's BelfastProvisionally January 17, 18 and 19 and March 14 2018Not yet confirmedMMI
SheffieldDecember - JanuarySuccessful applicants can expect to receive an invitation to interview by 18th November 2017.MMI
Southampton1st, 6th, 26th, 27th, 28th February; 1st, 5th, 6th MarchApplicants invited on a rolling basis.Traditional
St AndrewsDecember - MarchCandidates will be given two weeks' notice if they are invited to interview.MMI
St George'sDecember - AprilDecember or JanuaryMMI
UCLDecember - March (UK school-leavers are normally interviewed in February and March. However it is possible for any applicant to be called to interview at any time during the season)Invitations to interview are issued on a rolling basis throughout the season, with candidates normally being given two weeks' notice. Traditional

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