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Medical School Interview Online

Medical School Interview Online – Overview

We all know that practice makes perfect. That’s why we’ve created online mock medical school interviews. These 30 minute sessions simulate a real interview, as you answer questions from doctors. The difference is: you can do it whenever and wherever you want!

You’ll also get a written report and a video of your performance – all for just £80.

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Watch this video to find out how it works:

To summarise, the online mock medical school interview is easy to do.  Simply follow these 5 steps:

1. Book yourself an interview at the bottom of this page

2. Receive an e-mail invitation to your interview, confirming your booking

3. You can then log-in to the virtual interview room whenever you like (no need to book a specified time)

4. Complete your interview in 25-30 minutes provided

5. Receive a full written assessment from experts & the video of your performance

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Meet your interviewer, Prof. Betteridge, Dean Emeritus of the Royal Society of Medicine:

Medical School Interview Online – Details

Once you step inside our virtual interview room, you will be faced with the Dean Emeritus of the Royal Society of Medicine and another qualified doctor.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to face real medical school interview questions, posed by the kind of professionals who will be assessing you during your actual interview.

Via video recordings, you will be asked nine questions, all of which have been written by qualified doctors. After each question, you will then be given the opportunity to record your two minute answer into the webcam.

When your interview is complete, one of our medical interview experts will review your answers in detail.  Then, we will send you a bespoke written report on where you can improve.  We’ll also send you the video of your interview so you can tweak your own performance.

Medical School Interview Online – Types

Each online interview costs just £80. We have lots of styles of interview to choose from, all of which are completely unique from each other:

Medical school interviews 1-3 cover common interview questions you are likely to face in any medical school interview.

The Oxbridge interviews have been tailored to test more scientific knowledge and critical thinking – just like an actual Oxbridge Medicine interview.

If you are applying to medical school in Hong Kong, our specially designed interview will cover many of the questions you might encounter.

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